Today; 9 Oct

Today will be a good day for the community, even a little rain. First the senior soup and salad that starts at 1:00pm, then at 2:00pm the ribbon cutting for the Middle School, then at 7:00 pm a special board meeting.  A great day for the folks that care.

Tonight’s board meeting is to address 2014 TCAP results. Each principles will brief the board on the status of each school.  I dislike the use of the word “score”; because it make it seem like a game, sports event.  What is important to the community is the color and direction of the arrows.  As a “Total Quality Management (TQM)” person, I like to look at positive measurements and individuals.  Some Learning Management System, (LMS) allow you to measure individual children over years.  Lets’ say from the third grade until they become seniors.  It allows educators to be able to plot the growth or lack of, for a single child.  TQM also teaches us to establish goals, not just words but workable, measurable goals.  My goal would be 75% of D22’s students measured at proficient or advance.  Another would be measure dropouts; but those that started in the 10 grade but did not graduate.  Just how many student just don’t return.  If we look at the 2013 and 2014 TCAP measurements Ellicott is some 15 to 19 percentage points below the Chef’s standard.  Lets’ see what and how our children are measured.  See you this afternoon and night.



Integrity in Leadership

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