Letter to the Editor, and to the Ear

Did you see the Letter to the Ranchland? Words of truth, and of course I feel good about letting the community know the other side of the Override story. Now to counter words from the Ear:

“Did you read the current issue of the Ranchland News?”

— Yes I did and really proud to have done it

“Sports participation is a key element in the education of all students.”

–I don’t agree and would like to see your proof

“There is also one letter from Fayne McDowell asking everyone to vote no on item

3C and not support sports.”

— Not true, I have never said, not to support sports

“Fayne McDowell saying it’s a waste of money.”

–Not true never said sports was a waste of money

“Fayne writes that the school board did not seek any grants.”

–Not true, said until the past week they had not sought additional money and they still have not applied for any grants. Metro is not a grant, and unless a documented agreement was signed this week there still isn’t one. The agreement with Metro would have to be reviewed and voted on by the entire board. Not just by Mr McWilliams, illegal obligation of district’s money, possible.

“But McDowell still falsely states that there is no grant and no agreement”.

–What was said was that as of the last board meeting there was no grant or written agreement, and there still isn’t one.

“No funds for computers; no funds for text books; no funds for sports.”

— Not true, never said no funds for computers, or no funds for text books or no funds for sports. What has been said is no override mill levy, still saying it.

“There are about 1,000 parents of the students who play sports in the district”

— Lets’ do some math, 1000/2= 500, that is 500 students playing sports, don’t think so. When I asked, was told that over half of the students play multi-sports. But, it really doesn’t matter how many, it is additional taxes on the community. It has to do with the school’s priority, Let’s make it education first.


Another interesting thing, Mr Torrez made a statement to the Ranchland about the mill levy and again not a single word about educational projects, didn’t the ear and the Lawyers say it was for both education and sport facilities.   It was for sports facilities from the beginning.


I wonder just how many teachers, administration personnel live in the district, and will be able to vote?


Integrity in Leadership

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