Lies are like rat traps !!!!!!!!!!!

The last posting from the Ear is the “dummies” yet! This is the most defining post yet.  A very left leaning individual that lives in a very right leaning county,  against the military, supports those that break the law, always screaming racist, and believing that others should take care of those that demand others money.  Each posting leads the community to ID the Ear.

Those that enjoy the freedoms that our forefather demanded understand that we must change the direction of our nation. The President is the weakest ever and is lost.  If Obama is the best the Dems have to offer, they need to  re-look.  The polls have him below Carter and that is way down the scale.  Our nation is facing a major danger from just about every direction.  China, the far east, Russia and radical Muslins, more danger than  ever before and the Ear makes fun.  Maybe the EAR should go back to school, maybe all of them.  As a number of military leaders have stated “we are in a war for the next 30 years”.  I feel sorry for the ear.  Individuals hunting military families to kill them, and the Ear makes fun.

Most of the sparing back and forth with the EAR was fun; but today’s post is really sad. This just shows that our history teachers are failing our children.  If those that have graduated has no idea of today’s danger; someone has really failed.  I continue to wonder why anyone sides with the EAR.

I have been working on my responses to the upcoming interview. I will be direct and truthful.  There are many answers to so many questions.  I can only imagine the questions, maybe we should let the Ear ask the questions.

Now on to the responses:

It’s all about Fear, no it’s about the truth. Why can’t individuals just be truth full?  Is it that hard?  Must be!  If we can’t teach our children to be honest how can we expect them to be leaders in our future.  I have given many examples of falsehoods from the board and Ear.

claims that the money is being wasted; but the truth is different Yes, I do believe money is/has been wasted.  Look at the increase in the bottom-line, look at the last three years as the expenditures that are going up.

Student achievement is up.  Which grades, I’m looking at the States scores, we need to do better

Student growth is upHow are we measuring growth? I’m putting together a chart that will show the percentage of students that are proficiency or advanced. It will be surprising.  Year 2014, 60% of the 10th graders, 50% of the 6th graders is that ok to us?

Student knowledge is growing. Knowledge of what? How is the District measuring Knowledge?

The school grounds are looking better.  This is true.

tries to make you think that the school board is up to something; I wish I and other knew what the board was up to.  It has us all buffered.

Funding is upHow can funding be up, the state has already stated the funds form the State will be less.

Savings is up.   What is savings, is there another account?

Waste is down.    How are we measuring this?  Waste of what?

Mismanagement is down.  How are we measuring this? What mismanagement have we stopped?

Special favors to friends and family is down.    Again how are we measuring this?  What favors have we stopped, if there was ever any, this is one of those pre-election rumors, started by current board members.

A new middle school has been built.  True because a group of citizens (SOS) stood up and took the lead in uniting the community

It’s all about trying to make you fear the future,  Not true: not fear but wanting you to  work hard to change it.

He tries to make you think that there are conspiracies afoot Who is trying to get other to believe stuff.

He wants you to believe that the school board is only doing what a small part of the community wants; I have asked so many time but the board, superintendent, recordings, and others can’t come up with more than 3.  At last count there was more than 3.

Just ask yourself why he states that the superintendent should not have a PHD in education unless he is trying to get his son (who does not have a PHD) into that position.  Look back at the postings before the superintendent was hired, I stated many times that what the district needed is a young, hungry and creative individual, not someone looking to retire.

He on the other hand might have to actually pay his fair share for a change, Match my tax bill to yours

The school district will have a little more money for books, teachers, transportation, computers, and yes for making things safer.  That is the worst that will happen.  The ear continues to tell whatever, the above items have never been discussed, he is falsehooding you.


Folks there are some that must believe the community is stupid, like our president. We are not!  we understand that there is right and wrong and we will not support the wrongs.  Individuals that tell falsehoods to improve their stories, individuals that make up wrongs to blame others, individuals that hide in the bushes and those that can no longer face the truth.  Remember the 10 commandments, they always come back .  Someone said that the truth is easier because you have to remember the lies.



Integrity in Leadership

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