Say NO to 3C

Folks did you get the El Paso Notice of Election pamphlet ?  I got mine today.  I ask you to look and read it carefully.  Bottom of page 5, Title 3C  “Notice of Election to Increase Tax on a Referred Measure Ellicott School District #22”.  As I have discussed a number of times and the Ear & others have called me a lair and that the things I have said about the mill levy were false; now it is public.  My efforts are to inform you and to aid you in your research.  I will restate as straight as I can.

— 3C is an increase in your property tax

— The tax is not really 3mills, it is $75,000 per year

— If the 3mills does not collect $75,000 in a year the School Board will raise the rate to whatever it takes to collect the $75,000

— The property tax could change each and every year for five years

— This $75,000 is above the current Mill Levy

—  Look at your last year tax bill isn’t it big enough

(1) El Paso County

(2)El Paso County Roads & Bridges

(3) Ellicott Schools General

(4) Ellicott Schools Bond

(5) Pike Peak Library

(6)  Ellicott Fire Protection

—  To please a few 3C impacts every property owner in the District there will be if passed a (7)  Ellicott Schools Override tax——–  Vote NO

—  District 22, we the TAXPAYERS, just past a Bond for a new Middle School

What needs to happen

—  Our school board must learn to operate within the District’s means

—  Our school board must learn to make the hard decisions

—  Look at the at the top of page 5 at the increasing in yearly expenditures, there is a major increase in the last two years (note: I’ll question the 2012 $10M to see what caused the increase).


Folks we must say NO to 3C.  Tell 10 individuals to say NO to 3C and the District will say no to this Tax increase.



Integrity in Leadership

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