Medical Alert…………

Hello Dinners:

This is a medical alert, there seems to be a bug floating around Ellicott, it is called oral cavity diarrhea.  The symptoms are uncontrollable typing, runaway anger and tourettes when it comes to others.  Michelle Harris, how can you make any statement concerning anyone’s voting record, when there is no records, unless you are reading each and every months minutes.  I took a sample of 10 sets of minutes every vote except one was 5 to 0.  So Mrs (I assuming the Mrs) Harris where is the voting record that concerns you.  Tell us which month concerns you; they are on the website.  See, I’m a person that needs proof, prove it.  Also do you really know what the recall document stated?  Might check it.

To; T. Sandoval the same applies to you where and what scandals?    I checked the list of those that have stepped up to fill the open seat on the school board and guess what, there was no Sandoval or Harris, both of you need to hurry only a few days left.


Dinners, only a few weeks to go before the ballots will be mailed out, so I need your help.  I need you to contact 10 neighbors/family members and discuss with them to vote a straight Republican ticket and to vote NO on Amendment 68 and the Mill Levy Override for District 22.

The Ear mentioned something about an article in the newspaper a day or two ago, I was asked if I read it, the answer is no; but I have looked for it.  What I did find is a list of all the ElPaso Districts Bond or mill ballot issues.  Really strange that the others are seeking money for buildings, security, and but mostly for educational needs; but District 22 wants sports facilities.  Why not for education, why not to improve our TCAP scores (all at the same time).  I believe the District is wasting resources.


Now on to Ipads.  I have voiced my concerns about diving into new tech stuff without a plan.  I don’t believe that excitement for something always brings positive results.  At the last board meeting Mr Smith presented a wonderful pitch for an additional 150 Ipads to join with the new 150 Ipads the middle school currently has; but haven’t given out.  But the board agreed to 150 more before the school has decided how to deal with the first 150.  The reason that stood out for the additional one was they did not want to make the decision as to who would get the first 150.  I also received minutes of the steering committee and have yet to see a implementing plan or a process to evaluate the impact on education.  How are we to understand whether it is positive or negative.  As I read studies and evaluations concerning the inclusion of tech into the classroom there is a very mixed bag as to the impact.  It may be positive if and when the school is doing well as to the state’s scores.  If the school has developed a successful educational plan and the students are doing well then entering a new educational tool into the process is less of an impact.

Lets’ say District 22 is a bucket, a bucket that has a number of holes identified but the Superintendent and school board and we are trying to fix them all with one cork (money).  Sport facilities, memorial walk way, non english speaking students, state reading scores, state writing scores, state math scores, state science scores, state history scores, teacher retention, landscaping, new buses, additional administrative personnel, water wells and on&on.  Where is the priority?  I believe as I have stated many times before education start a home, then the teachers and finally the child, if all these levels aren’t working “fully” together nothing else will make it work.



Integrity in Leadership

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