Fellow Republicans,

Today’s Gazette chronicles an unbelievable lie that out-of-state Democrats are peddling about Sen. Bernie Herpin. According to their latest attack, Herpin, in his previous role as City Councilmember, asked Colorado Springs Utilities to finance a $25,000 vacation. The truth, as The Gazette makes clear, is that Herpin accompanied other officials, on a crowded bus, at an expense of $162, for an important tour of the Southern Delivery System. Read more about the dishonesty here.

Where’s the moral outrage, local Democrats? Where are the denunciations? Do you spend your indignation only on differences of opinion, and have no problem with bald-faced lies?

The Democrats, despite their public pleas for kumbaya, are kings and queens of negative campaigning. Another recent Gazette story revealed that, so far this election cycle, leftwing groups have spent 70% more than conservative groups on negative ads.

That last figure reveals a problem. The Democrats have more money to spend. They open their pocketbooks so their candidates can pick yours.

In addition to my duties as your unpaid chairman, I donate $56 each month to the El Paso County Republican Party, because I believe in our organization and what we are doing for the future of our children and their children. I won’t ask you to do more than I do, but would you please commit to a recurring monthly donation of $5? The El Paso County Republican Party works year round, either getting our candidates elected or laying the groundwork for their successful campaigns.

We will be faithful stewards of your generosity. Please donate here today.

Sincerely,  Jeff Hays

Chairman, El Paso County Republican Party



Integrity in Leadership

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