How many times can one be WRONG

Just got back from Denver and stopped at my favorite gas station and ran into a couple of republicans and was asked how I can take all the “shit” that the Ear continues to shovel.  My response was as before ” it bounces off me and sticks on him”.  Folks thanks for your concern, but; it just shows his inability to discuss anything like an adult, but wen know he can’t.  Remember the campaign?  Enough of that!

A question a good reporter would ask himself or someone else is, if Mr Ear was not at the board meeting how can he say what was said or discussed.  The recording has not been posted, the minutes have also not been posted, Oh yes I believe he was there or maybe not.  Maybe his secret reporter, but I didn’t see a reporters badge  If I say any more I’ll be sued.

Now on to the meeting.

My &&&, WRONG again, Mrs Twiss is still on the board until, “Per policy BBBE, my 60th day will be November 4, 2014.”  Her words to the board.

Misleading again all I said was that the President move the agenda item to an executive meeting, that’s what he did, and yes the board voted to move it.  Is there a problem here?  I did not say anything about Dr Cullen and what caused the agenda change.

WRONG again, It was not a “discussion on the “water wells”, it was a discussion on the baseball field, the questions from the Dahns was concerning water supply.  The paperwork included in the board package did not include any discussion on what had been asked to the State Water Board, as the Dahns pointed out the paperwork just assumes the water would be there, had nothing to do with a tank.  Their questions were about how much water can come out of the ground.  The Water Board doesn’t care what you put the water in, just how much your permit, allows out of the pipe.  To the Ear, it does have a lot to do with the water wells, no school if there is NO water.  Dry water fountains means upset students.

Concerning the “Contract” go to page 24-25-26-28 to the board package and count the number of times the word Contract is included on these pages, another question the Dahns asked the president about.  Just a word used?

Wrong again, Mr McWilliams said as one can hear on the tape “at the meeting with metro they agreed to matching our money with $40,000.00.  At another time Mr Hudson asked Mr Williams which ball field were Metro talking about, and another time he ask if they discussed the fund transfer.  That sounds as if Mr McWilliams met with someone, again the recording will tell.  He even mentioned the person name I did not write it down,  I don’t take shorthand.

Wrong again, the $40,000 is not an, “ donation by METRO“,  Using Dr Cullen’s words, “ Program committing $40,000“.  Donation and commitment aren’t the same, the 40k only comes when the District matches it.  Commitments have strings!

Wrong again, look at the agenda, Item 5. Action Items: Approve Baseball Field Upgrade—- The Board vote 4-0 to approve the Field upgrade at an estimated cost of 83K or close to that figure I didn’t write it down, the minutes will tell.  Or ask the president.  Again I have never used the word “conspiracy”, I said at an “illegal meeting”.  Again not the same.

The tank not important.  Smoke

Was I there, asked the President if I was there and when I left, he watched me leave, Ask Mr. Torrez, I sat beside him.

Budget?  I’m trying to find it, click on the 2014-2015 budget and there is not one, I have pointed it out so we will see.  Mr Ear, the word “reserve” means to hold back aren’t you a “budget person”?  You don’t keep spending you Reserve or savings, that is what happens 20 + years ago when the district nearly went broke.

Wrong again,  the pay for the new ELL teacher will be $50,000.  Read the package.

Wrong again, Dr Cullen never said the district had gained 100 new students, what he did say was the District has gained students to the point the salary will be more than covered by the increase in students.  The growth will not be official until mid Oct, even Dr Cullen suggested the board wait until the number is firm before they sign the ELL contract.  Mr Ear, can you agree that the $7500.00 per student covers the total cost of educating a child, books, teachers, utilities, taxes, computers, toilet paper, and so many other things.  That is why a district gets more for more students it cost more.  Again aren’t you a budget person?


Now……. I’ll address the newspaper article as soon as I find it.  I will also define the term “growth”  not the same as scores of core courses.  I will research where the district fits in the state and the other rural schools around here.

Another big WRONG, Mr Ear continues to spout about comparing past CSAP and TCAP scores not the same. test and scoring apples and bananas.

And I will look at Harrison District.  But Dinners, Harrison is not where my interest is, it is at my home school, D22.  I write about Peyton , Hanover, Calhan and Falcon, but they are examples and research schools.  I will soon write about another couple of schools that don’t believe Ipads are the way, schools with Ipad problems.

Now a personal comment:  At the meeting Dr Cullen stated that the reason we need another ELL teacher is so far this year the district has enrolled 20+ students with limited english skills and 7 with little to no english skills.  In this country english is our language, it should be a requirement to have a basic skill in our language.  The District and State spend unlimited dollars on these children.  Where did these children come from?  Were they not taught at some other school.  We have paras and teachers following these children around to just to get them at a low level, is this fair?   My children attended school in Korea, they did not hire Korean teacher for them, to attend they were expected to be able to learn.  We will address this issue with our new Governor and Senator.




Integrity in Leadership

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