Another strange Board meeting

There were 7 citizens, 9 employees, two children and four of the five board members.  Mrs Twiss was absent.  Before someone slams me, yes I did leave early, stayed until the action items were finished.  Was planning on staying for the entire meeting to listen to the superintendent’s evaluation; but the president move it to an executive section.

Thanks to Mr C, I had a learning event so will implement it today.  Was impressed with the discussion of the baseball field project presented by M. Dahn and G. Dahn.  Both addressed; what I consider very important issues and that is the water supply.  There are so many questions concerning the 8 wells owned by the District and most seemed to be still unanswered.  The Dahn’s were concerned that if the district pressed on with the project and then the state said, ” District 22 you are using too much water from the wells.”  Some just wanted to worry about it later.  Then something has to be done, grass dies or we spend more dollars to redirect water to the east side of the District’s property.  Great questions.  But then the pressure from Mr McWilliams, Mr Hudson and Dr Cullen got the Dahn’s to agree to press on and then get the water questions answered.  They also questioned the voting on what appeared to be a contract with some organizations without asking for bids.

The second issue is the failure of the board to follow their own policies and that is no single board member can meet with outside organizations acting as a representative of the board unless the board votes for that action.  It appears that Mr McWilliams and Mr Hudson has been meeting individually with someone at Metro.  These meeting are not legal.  These individuals acting as individuals can not commit district 22’s money and it appears they have.  As the chef has addressed weeks ago; there was no grant or agreement between the District and anyone, there appears to be one now (sometime this week).  But if you were there last night or listen to the recording, you will quickly see; (1) there is nothing in writing between Metro and the District.  Just some words.  (2) there was confusion between Mr Williams and Dr Cullen as to what field the “agreement” is for baseball, softball, Tball or all.  (3) then is was unknown as to how this would really happen as to the exchange of dollars and how the contracting of the work will be done.  So can we really consider this an agreement, believe the district’s lawyers would say NO, we need a signed agreement; but the board voted to approve 80K and quickly move on.

Third issue:  Again it was stated that as of last night there was 600K in reserve, and that the board could spend from the reserve as long as they believe that by the end of the year that money would be returned.  If we are spending the reserve, how can we call it a reserve?  The board agreed to hire another ELL teacher based on the possibility that the district will gain more students.  Again hope we do.

Fourth issue:  Members of the board and Dr Cullen continues to states that the community is strongly supporting the mill levy; but so far no one can explain how that is known.  Is it the two individuals that attended the “community meeting”?  Maybe those of us that are against it are wrong, tell us how these individuals know about the support.  It will take over 1000 citizens to “strongly support the ballot issue.  We will ask!


Again the board continues to spend money.  Is there a projection of an increase in funding for District 22’s schools.  Every meeting the Board is buying something this one: the baseball field project, a ELL teacher position, another SPED teacher for the HS, 150 new Ipads.



Integrity in Leadership

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