Bob Beauprez

 Bob and I just sat down with the campaign team, and I wanted to let you know where we are.

First, the good news. Polls increasingly show that Coloradans are fed up with John Hickenlooper. He’s lied to our sheriffs, supported liberal policies, and failed to lead. When he was asked to carry out mass murderer Nathan Dunlap’s sentence, he wouldn’t make a decision.

Now, the bad news. Radical special interests are ready to spend millions to prop up John Hickenlooper. These liberal groups are outspending our campaign. We can only face this onslaught with your support.

Another major fundraising deadline is TONIGHT at midnight. Hickenlooper’s liberal backers are pouring millions into his campaign because they, like everyone else, see Hickenlooper is in trouble.

Let’s match Hickenlooper this period. With just a $5, $10 or $15 contribution, we can show John Hickenlooper and the special interests that Coloradans are ready for real leadership.

We know the attack ads are coming. And when they do, we want to be prepared. Our first ad, “Opportunity,” got fantastic feedback. Help us keep it on the air and donate to our campaign today.

We’re so close to the election. With only 20 days until ballots drop, every moment counts. I know Bob and the campaign team are working tirelessly to win this election, but they need your help.

Join me in showing your support for Bob’s vision and contribute to the campaign today.






Integrity in Leadership

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