Big toe in his mouth

Mr Ear please read before you put your foot in you……

Here are my questions

Question 5:  Who pays for the student’s attendance?  The district, 100%.

Question 6:  So no parent cost?  No, the cost depends on the cost per student paid to the district, each district could pay a different rate depend on the cost per student.

Again what I said as you can see is that: “THE PARENTS DON’T PAY OUT OF THEIR POCKET, AS THE EAR HAS STATED IN HIS POST.”  As I responded to the Ear, who was wrong again, the cost of the CBA is the responsibility of the district where the student attends.  Districts receive x$’s per student and that is what repays the CBA.  So again I never said FREE.  Nothing is free.  Just a comment, the $7500.00 per student is paid to the districts so it cost $157,500 whether the 21 students go to regular school or the CBA,  I guess it does matter to the Ear and the board of the district.  I wonder why?

And again I asked all the reader, why the ear would say, “so why is he so concerned about the 21 students in this program?” I’m concerned about all students, why is giving student a better chance in their lives wrong. The fact is any, all, some kids can attend CDA. Why is that showing anything but concern. The 21 students are spending the same as all the other. The State give the district the same for all. Now if the showing more concern for some is important, the mill override is showing special support for that 100 plus that plays football, track or baseball. That is one reason the override is wrong. Ear you are so far off the track you should regroup.

The Ear is wrong again the CBA students go to “regular” school in the morning taking math, english, reading and science as all the others do. They just do get electives, I’m getting close to saying the Ear is stup…… The Ellicott students that complete the welding course at Ellicott, do get credit toward graduation. They do not get college credit. When they complete the course they have completed one elective, just like drama.


Our Mission

                                                                    Engage Students

                                                                    Educate Students

                                                                    Employ Students”

MR ear use your time and read.   Yes to the other commenter, yes I’m a wanabe, I want to be the beast I can, I have wanted to be many thing throughout my life. I want to be the best wanabe I can be. Maybe there should be other wanabes in the community. There are a large number of littlebees, I’ll keep trying until I wanabe some else, it could happen at any time.



Integrity in Leadership


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