NoN support for Admendment 68

Here are some of the arguments against Amendment 68.  I join them is not supporting this effort, giving an outside organization any control and not really benefiting education.  Less than $100.00 per child per year.  But this small amount will impact the Colorado family much more than $100.00.



A spokesperson for Don’t Turn Racetracks into Casinos, which has been extensively funded by casino operators in the state, provided the following arguments against the measure:

This initiative isn’t about public schools. said campaign group spokeswoman . Not a single one of Colorado’s 178 school districts have come out in support of this scheme. […] That’s because a plan to build mega-casinos to help one Rhode Island company isn’t a plan for our public schools.

The group provides the following further arguments on their campaign website:

The current gaming industry in Colorado has contributed literally billions of dollars to programs and initiatives outlined and approved by Colorado voters. Granting a monopoly on the Front Range to a single casino operator will decimate Colorado’s existing casino industry and the programs it supports, costing Colorado:$20 million annually to the state’s general fund

$15 million annually to promote Colorado’s travel and tourism

More than $23 million annually to support historic preservation across all 64 Colorado counties

Financial support for gaming impacts including support to communities adjacent to casino towns

More than $6 million annually to community colleges

9,000 jobs created directly by the gaming industry and an additional 18,500 supported by the industry

Support for bioscience research and general higher education research.

Maybe the out-of-state interest supporting this measure should take a look at Colorado voters’ priorities before they attempt to buy a place in the state’s constitution.[4]

—Don’t Turn Racetracks into Casinos



Integrity in Leadership



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