Bob Beauprez speaks out on education

At the end of the day, education is about one thing: preparing our children for a lifetime of learning.

But lately, we haven’t been doing our job.

Test scores are falling, and children are being passed on from one grade to the next. Our governor is forcing more federal control over education, dampening the ability of teachers to innovate in the classroom.

Today, 30 percent of third graders can’t read at grade level. In minority communities, this number is even higher.

Colorado has dropped from 42nd to 50th in getting our federal education tax dollars back into our state. Governor Hickenlooper only makes excuses saying, “We’re one of the worst states in the country in terms of getting our fair share back.”

That’s no excuse for breaking his pledge from his first campaign for governor, when he promised not to raise taxes for education. Instead, he flip-flopped and backed a $1 billion yearly tax hike that would have done little to improve outcomes.

This is unacceptable.

Colorado is an exceptional place that attracts exceptional people. So we should be providing a great education, not a common one.

We should enable good teachers to excite young minds and inspire them to learn. Teacher performance should be oriented towards rewarding good teachers, especially those who shine in underperforming schools.

We should involve parents in our schools, not push them away.

We should stop the federal government’s minute-by-minute regimented approach to education and immediately push back on Common Core.

If we are going to continue to lead in the 21st century, we must take swift action to ensure the generation of tomorrow is equipped for a lifetime of learning.

We must ensure every child has a fighting chance to pursue their American Dream.

Will you chip in $10 today to support meaningful education reform in Colorado? 

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