Houston; we have or may have a problem

I’ll address a couple of thing as I watch the Broncos.

First I want to challenge all the diners to call the district and put their name on the list to fill Mrs Twiss’s chair.  The decision will be made by the entire board not just the president.  The only thing you really need is the desire to improve the education of the children of D22.

Second:  I listened to the Jun meeting recording again, and want to clarify again falsehoods made by some members of the board and the Ellicottear.  Remember back a few post and a couple of ranchlands when it was said by both that after a board meeting (June) the board conducted a “Community Meeting”?  They did have a meeting after the regular one, but can one call it a community meeting, doesn’t it require a community attending?  Well I re-listened to the very end of the meeting and I suggest all voters listen to the last 15 minutes.  After the meeting President Hudson said there was three subject the board wanted comments from the community on.  Let me make this statement, I was not there, so I don’t know how many folks, community members were there.  As you listen to the tape you will know that there was at least three, a woman, a man and a small child.  Again President Hudson listed the topics; appearance projects around the schools, sport facilities projects and the upcoming Mil Levy Override.

A man’s voice made some comments about how the front of the High School was looking and asked if there was any plans to expand the parking around the HS.  There was then some discussion concerning that question, then the same man’s voice asked again about the area behind the HS, again discussion about parking that would be addressed in another phases of the landscaping.  Then there was open discussion concerning the memorial walkway.  This topic took up 75% of the Community meeting.  On this subject a woman asked a question (could not understand her) and again the same man’s voiced asked a couple of additional questions, who, what and where.

Then the President asked, are there any other comments, and there were none.  Then he said there were three areas that the board wanted to address; the baseball field, football field and the track.  The board president commented on the things that needed to be done to the baseball field and asked repeatedly for comments, there were none.  Then the first surprising statement, the board didn’t really know what any of the upgrades would cost; they were just estimating/guessing at the cost.  Then on to the football field and again the president listed what they felt needed to be done and again ask repeatedly for comments  and again none.  Then on to the track, another of the board member stated that the old surface needed replaced and two more lanes added, again the same man’s voice asked if the entire surface would need replaced and Dr Cullen stated that the surface would need replacing every 10 years.  Then again the president asked repeatedly for other comments and again none.

Then the president moved to the final topic the mil levy after explaining the “1 mil levy” for 5 years and what it would be used for, he asked for comments.  Again the same man’s voice asked how much would the mil bring in for the district, Mr Hudson answered about $25,000 and the man responded that at that rate it would take years to complete any of the projects, stating that maybe the override needed to be for 10 years or more.  Then comes the most important questions, “has the district worked on any grants or hiring someone to submit grants, (answer) NO.  Has the board contacted or spoken to any businesses to see if they would contribute time or money, (answer) NO.  Then he closed by stating, you had to listen close , I replayed it 3-4 times, “the district will not vote for this”.  Then as before the president asked if there was any other comments and again none.  Then the meeting was closed.

So let me highlight the “Community Meeting“.


–it lasted maybe 15 minutes

–there was at least two adults and a child who was crying

–there was two comments on the district’s appearance

–there was one comment concerning the sports facilities and it was just a question on the resurfacing of the track

–there was one comment concerning the mil levy and it was mostly negative

–The president asked at least 10 times for addition comments and there were none, begging for comments

–maybe two other board members made a statement other than the president

–The Ear and the Board President lead us to believe the “Community was there and involved and voicing their concern and support; is two adults and a kid the community?  We don’t know who the commenters were, the board president didn’t request the commenters to identify themselves as the board requires when the public comments to the board

–are we to believe that the concerns are silence ones, they must be.


After listening to the recording there was NO community involvement in the “Community Meeting”.  We now are spending close to $10,000 to place a non supported ballot issue on the Nov ballot.  SO now, Mr. Hudson, Mr. M Dahn, Mr. G Dahn and Mr. McWilliams, who is this group that is supporting this MIl Levy, where are all these sports boosters, where did all this community input come from, was there another COMMUNITY meeting we need to listen to?  Now for Mr. M Dahn he did at the next meeting say he would head the committee, thanks

Citizens, that $10.000 dollars could send  18-19 students to the Peyton Trade School.  That $10,000 could sent a lot of students to PPCC.  Folks that $10.000 dollars could send a number of students to a number of advanced study programs.   Buy books, repair a bus, so many things; but no it is being wasted.

Again the board stepping out with no plan, just stepping out to please a few.  Tax funding is for education, why not direct the dollars to producing educated leaders.  What would it cost the district to start a ROTC program?  Look at the course schedule for the HS just how many advance course are there, how many college courses are there.  VERY FEW.


Folks someone is blowing smoke up the voters $%^.   It is easy to see who they are, just attend the board meetings.  Stand up and asked them, “what effort has be made to fund funding other than going first to the tax payers”.



Integrity in Leadership

PS maybe the Ear should listen to the recordings or has he?.

Follow on comments; it is a law that all meetings held by the district’s school board will  be recorded.  I assume that to mean, so one can hear and understand them.  So I believe the district is breaking the law.  This is really sad since the taxpayers paid thousands of dollars for the NEW audio and video system.  “Houston we have a problem!”

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