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Now I’m back on earth after I was forward J Holmes comments.  Folks have you noticed how many time Mr EllicottEar provides any constructive ideas, never.  This individual claims to be interested in the citizens of Ellicott and the students of District 22; but every time someone disagrees with this wandering school board we are stupid.  I have asked so many time for him to reference his statements and so far not a single time.  Folks I don’t want anyone to believe without informing your self.  Read!!!!!!!!!  Make a call!!!!!!!!  Today I spent 45 plus minutes on the phone with the election board and the tax office, just to inform myself.  I have submitted CORA request again to inform myself.  I have realized that you cannot trust District 22’s school board.

Folks don’t follow anyone lead yourself, again inform yourself.

My point all along is that no one has more right than the next person.  That is why I stand against some on the board and the Ear because they believe we should blindly follow individuals without character.  Make your own decisions.   Have you heard the radio ad for WINDSHIELD EXPRESS.  Great.  I’ll try to find it so fits into this conversation.  It go something like this, “speak against the president your considered racist, be pro-life and your against women, own a gun and your anti government.  Speak against this school board and you are stupid as they say.  Standup for your right to speak.  Don’t let some small nameless person call you names.

Now let’s see as the Ear reports it cost $275 per student per semester to send a student to the Career and Technical Education school.  He seems to think that is a lot of dollars.  So let address parts of the statement.  First, it is not an Industrial Arts class, it is a trade school, it teaches you to be one.  Second the Ear says the IA class cost nothing, strange the district pays for the teacher’s salary, medical, retirement and then the facilities, utilities, materials used.  Then all the student gets is an elective credit.  So I guess the welding class is totally free, don’t think so.  Again on a simple thing the Ear miss leads you.  He also seems to have something about a non-profit” organization, bet they turn out a better end product; because their livelihood depends on it.  Lets’ look at private schools most out score most public schools, for profit does work.  About the college credit classes should we add in the cost of the bus, the driver, maintenance of bus, insurance–guess it isn’t free.  Maybe the District should check on getting some of the teacher certified so they can teach classes that are approved for college credit,,,,here.

What have I done, tried to keep this board honest, have failed so for.  Also did the board work the agreement with PPC or was it a teacher and principal?

About the Booster club, maybe the Board should publish a members list.  Better still the Ear should get a copy, lets just see who was a member and ask them why the club folded.

  1. Not true.
  2. The state and federal government
  3. Yes made a suggestion and question why the citizens already pay for education and now the board is asking everyone to pay for those that play sports, seems like that leaves all the other children out. They seem to think that they get to decide everything for everyone else.
  4. Not true
  5. Not true
  6. Is this a problem. How about all the military parents, they can’t speak out or those that move to Ellicott, they can’t speak out. What might be fair to the Ear is that only those that have kids in school have to pay school and property taxes to the district. About what to learn doesn’t the state and federal gov tell the district.

Citizens do what you know is best for the entire community. Vote NO on the Ellicott Sports override mill levy.

Here is another question: the board stated they want the mill levy to collect $75,000 per year, the least costing project is $80,000-100,000. so that means it will take two years just to put light on the football field. So what is the board really after. The levy will collect $375,000 over the five years, so where are all the other dollars coming from? This is why Mrs Twiss voted against the mil increase, there is no plan, just the board trying to please a few.



Integrity in Leadership


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