Bob Beauprez won



Vail Daily editor Don Rogers was on stage Saturday night in Grand Junction as one of four panelists who asked the candidates questions during the Club 20 gubernatorial debate. There’s no one who was closer to the action and better able to judge who won. And his take?

“Bob Beauprez won the show handily. No debate there.”

He goes on to describe the stark contrast between the indecisive incumbent and Bob Beauprez’s clear leadership for Colorado.

“The governor, fumbling as he thought aloud and checked notes, mistook a debate for a conversation witnessed by about 1,000 people in Grand Junction’s Two Rivers Conference Center last Saturday.

“A privilege of my role as one of four panelists asking the gubernatorial candidates questions was having that ringside seat to their Club 20 debate. My own interest was less in their positions (already known, right?) but their bearing in this ritualized affair, the first of the campaign season.

“I noticed when Beauprez turned to the questioner on the panel a few feet away and addressed him or her by name while responding. I’m not sure Hickenlooper so much as looked our way.

“Beauprez obviously took the debate very seriously, down to the details of presentation. I’m reminded that Hickenlooper hasn’t faced real competition in a very long time, if ever. If I were one of his handlers, I’d concern myself a little less with spin and maybe a bit more with preparation.”

Read the full column here.



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