Just what is Wrong

What does the School Board of Elizabeth have that the School Board of Ellicott doesn’t have?  Answer, imagination, creativeness.  Also Elizabeth has an active Booster Club.  The community of Elizabeth saw a need, formed a committee, planned, conducted projects, contacted businesses and organizations; then because of true desire to care for the students are now well on the way to replacing the High Schools track.  While our board just wants to increase the taxes paid by Ellicott’s residents.  Just where is the Booster Club?  What has this so call sports committee done to raise the money.  To be direct; what has our Board really done but to spend close to $10,000 on a ballot issue.  All we have heard from this Board is; we need–so the public needs to ante up.


Now for the 50th time don’t believe or read anything the other blogger blogs.

   First,  EllicottEar give me the reference, just when did I post at parents need to pay ALL expenses.

   Second,  EllicottEar give me the reference.   What I have said many time is education FIRST.

   Third,  EllicottEar give me the reference. I have asked what is the purpose of any technological device. What is the action plan. How do we measure success?

   Four, EllicottEar isn’t that what you do to those that are elected to represent the public.


Another subject: have you read about how Peyton is addressing students that want to go into tech career fields. They have joined with the Career Building Academy  a tech school to respond to the desires/need of area students. Now the big question to our school board, why not join with Peyton, partnership, in this effort. Is leaning forward just too hard. There has been a number of folks that have pushed to have the district provide skill training. Why not join with Peyton, again a partnership. When I read how other districts are advancing their schools, while we are concerned with over taxing the public. Ask yourself, what has this school board done for the students, all the students, lately?



Integrity in Leadership


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