Mrs Twiss’s letter to the Board and the Public


 It seems that somewhere along the way the board has forgotten that they are here for all students.  It really bothers me that Bob Mc Williams feels that he needs a feel good vote. If we as a board take a vote to support the sports programs we have now alienated all other students and staff that run other programs, not to mention students who go home to take care of family members  or work to help support their family.  This is a bad idea and I will not be part of it.  I truly thought we were elected, to be here for all students and staff , not just sports.  ( I was tankful that this item was removed from the last agenda but would like to make sure it never shows up again).

 It has become apparent that Gary Dahn , Michael Dahn , Bob McWilliams, and Ernest Hudson  are very agenda driven.  As a board we have not followed the master agenda for one reason or another, this is not acceptable. 

 It was very misleading at the last board meeting about the grant to help fix the sport facilities.  The grant has not been written yet to the best of my knowledge.  It does not require the mill, but does require community support.  I asked each board member if they have ever supported the booster club, they all answered no.  Bob McWilliams supports the metro, but that is not part of the school, as metro charges their members a fee to play sports. 

 PTA and Booster Club ended in 2012, because their was no community support.

 I could of supported a mill, if we as a board had a plan. The non-existent plan could have supported more than one activity.  Money is needed for art, drama, band, choir, debate teams, talented and gifted programs, shop and welding, and many other programs.  Not all students play sports.



 Bea Twiss


Comments:  Mrs Twiss and I have not agreed on much, in fact I have been a non-supporter; but here she is so right.  This board is please small groups, themselves.  Our school district is there to educate our children, not a single other issue.  This board has spent our educational dollars on so many other things and now they need more money.  Where are the “balls”?  If they feel so strongly about sports, spend the money in reserve.  If there is an issue they made the decision, we will know who to blame.  Making decisions are why these individuals were elected.  What they are doing is passing the decision to the community.  I’ll be writing on the agenda are the lack of agenda.  Mrs Twiss, amen!


Integrity in Leadership



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