Again did not take long, did it.  “Concerned”, good to hear from you, but I can’t tell you who or what to believe; except the Ear is not the one.  My key to every decision is to get as much info as you can, research until you are comfortable with your decision.  Concerning the other blog, as with anyone that ask, I suggest you read some of his first post.  If you can’t find them, he may have erased them, I have them.  Or; get a copy of the letter he sent out.  On this issue, read the Ranchland and if the Board ever gets the meeting recording posted listen to them.  The Jul and Aug are the ones to listen to.

I searched all of my post and not a single “scream” or “sky” or “sky is falling” just posting concerns as I see them.  Again I speak from the rt side and for only myself.  The issue I have, is not to put this mil levy on the ballot even those it is a waste of over $10,000. It is that we are here to educate our kids not to teach them to play games.  There are a small group that will benefit from additional taxes, but families will suffer.  As I posted last week District 22 is close to the bottom and not getting any better.  I have yet to find anyone that supports this effort.   No, the chef was not at the PTA meeting, first not a parent of a student, second; did not have it on the calendar and third I thought it had disbanded from lack of involvement.  About embarrassing myself, nonsense it is a responsibility of a citizen to speak out.  I find fault with those that impacts mine and other’s life.  I find fault with those that place themselves in the public light, that I feel are wrong.  I find fault with those that site themselves as leaders and aren’t.  I find fault with those that tell and pass on falsehoods.  I find faults with those that use others to achieve their goals.  I find fault with wrong.  There is nothing wrong with being on the other side.

Is the sport facilities the most important item for our kids and community.  I think not.  Just look at our position within the state, the scores of all three schools.  (look at my last post) You can’t just look at a single year.  Yes, the middle school improved this years in the growth category, but one year is not a trend.  What about the other 70+% of the kids?  This board is separating the have from the have not; by sports.  Isn’t there a federal law that requires equal dollars to be spent on girl and boy sports?  Doesn’t it also require equal attention on all students.  The School Board was elected to manage the moneys presented to the District, it appears they cannot, they have to ask for more, seems to be poor management and when will the demand for me stop.  There will be a need for something all the time.

— quote, “Read where is says that the amount of money collected will not increase year to year as the value of property increases. Read the language that states that the mill levy increase will not extend past five years. Read where the language says that the school district cannot increase the levy rate or the total amount of revenue for five years. Read where the amount of money any individual property owner will pay will be less than 10 per month”.

I will quote the Ranchland;

“Exhibit A:

“Shall Ellicott School District 22 taxes be increased $75,000 annually beginning in tax collection year 2015 and by whatever amounts be generated annually thereof, for five years, through and including tax collection yeaer 2019 (PS the Ranchland misspelled year, not me), by an additional mill levy of 3.0 mil, provided, however that in the event that 3.o mil does not produce $75,000 revenue, then the mil levy may be increased to such a rate as will produce $75,000, pursuant to and in accordance with Section 22-54-108, of the CRS.

“Such taxes to be deposited in the general fund of the district and used for educational purposes as provided by the board of education, which may included but not limited to retrofit and replace athletic and ancillary facilities.”


There is more, what the EllicottEar posted is only the part of the article and terms, used by lawyers.  Bottom-line is the mil levy will be as large as it takes to collect $75,000 per year.  Controlled by the five members of the board.  And what appears to be a very small committee, if there is a committee.

“Why is McDowell so afraid of just asking the voters to vote on the question?”

Response: I’m not afraid, I’m against wasting money and over taxing the taxpayers.  Just how much is it costing to ask the community?  I’m against taking effort away from education.  Lets’ get the scores and educational level up to the top, then look at other things to do.  Education first!

— “Where is your community spirit? Where is your community involvement? All you see is doom and disaster and conspiracies.”

Response: This override mil levy has nothing to do with community spirit, It has everything to do with the board pleasing a few individuals.   Another quote from the Ranchland, “Middle school soccer has 30 participants, Middle School football has 26 participants.” (this is out of 548 students)  “High school enrollment is 264.  National Honor Society inducted 10 students.”

— When the school board increased teacher pay, you were against it.

Response: not true only asked the board how were they deciding who desired a raise.

— When the school board got new computer equipment for the students you were against it.

Response: Again not true only asked what they were going to be used for and there were no answers.  Asked how would they be controlled.  Asked What were the purpose of giving a computer, IPAD to every student.

— When the school board got more text books and interactive boards you were against it.

Response: “Not true again! did not know that the board approved new text books, will check in to see which books were bought, thanks.  About interactive board again not true, again my question was what they will to be used for, were they being included in the teachers lesson planning and were the teacher be trained in the use of the board in enhancing education or just to consume time.

— Quit embarrassing the community and yourself. All you do is find fault with others. Do you ever do anything to help? Where are you at community meetings?

Response: I don’t feel embarrass, feel really good about informing myself.  What community meeting?  Have looked back and cannot find where it was posted.  Trying to get the Jun recording and it appears that it is poorly recorded.  Wonder why, I can’t see who was at this community meeting.  The Ranchland says “brief”.

— Where are you at PTA meetings? When have you ever done anything for this community except complain and find fault?

Response:  I have attended Booster and PTA meetings in the past.  Believed that both had been disbanded from lack of interest.  Not a single board member has attended a Booster Club meeting and probably never gave any funds to the organization so if this is a disqualifies guess the board has to be quiet.


Folks read and make those that post things prove their statements.  Footnotes, references or they should make sure folks understand it their opinion.



Integrity in Leadership

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