Bob Beauprez for Colorado, Super Saturday



Fayne, The November election is quickly approaching. This year, every voter will be receiving a mail-in ballot, and with only 42 days until those ballots begin arriving, now is the critical time to take back our state. I’m sure you’ve seen the polls- John Hickenlooper and I are tied, but the momentum is on our side. Coloradans are tired of his failed leadership and the liberals know that. They have out-of-state donors pouring millions of dollars into this election in an attempt to energize their base. But Colorado can’t afford four more years of surrogate governorship by extremist liberals who don’t understand Colorado values. Every day, liberal activists are knocking on doors and making phone calls, reaching out to undecided voters to get John Hickenlooper and his leftist agenda reelected. We can’t let them win. That’s why we need you to join our Super Saturday voter outreach efforts on September 6, 2014.  On Super Saturday, grassroots activists across the state will be making phone calls and knocking on doors to spread my vision for a stronger Colorado. Will you join us? Click on the invitation below to sign-up to volunteer at the Victory365 office nearest you! We look forward to seeing you on Super Saturday! Gratefully,



Integrity in Leadership

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