What is the truth>>>>>

It has been stated I’m not in touch with the EllicottEar’s community and the society I live in.  Well; I need someone to define the society we live in and the community.  I believe I do understand both and the community I live in I like.  Because I like the folks in the Ellicott community I want them to understand what is going on.  That is why I feel that this District can do and be better.  It would excite me to see 25% of the HS student body in the Honor Society.  Or to see District 22 in the top 25% of High Schools, we can be there; but we can’t be trying to be below average in everything.  Educators must challenge our kids, not stand in front of them and point out someone else views.  The environment of tomorrows education starts at the top.  District 22 is in the box, outside the box is the future.  District 22 needs leaders that sees the future, not just the temporary problems.  Apply effort to reading and math drops 10 points, next effort on math and reading and science goes down.  Have you noticed that lazy schools jump at Common Core because someone else does the work and provides the processes, all they have to do is follow the booklet.  That way there are others to blame.  Like the EE, always blaming others, me; but never providing fixes, just complaining and blaming.  Is below average in every school OK for my community or my society that I live in, I hope not.  ELECTION DAY, will tell.

P.S. EE also seems confused over mil levy and tax.  Lets’ look and the little bill you get from the county.  It seems to say TAX RATE and TAX AMOUNT.  Vote yes on this ballot issue and this is what you will see:

0.027124 Ellicott School No 22     -Gen.

0.010000 Ellicott School No 22    -Bond (if the other bond was paid off)

0.030000 Ellicott School No 22     -override

There will be at least 3 tax lines on your next “Property Tax Statement”.  OK EE isn’t this a tax.  A tax that will increase as the value of every individual’s property goes up.  Folks it will not be 27.00, 3 mils is about 81.00, folks you are being lied too.  Take the time to check it out for yourself, make sure you are one of the informed.  When the School Board finally get the recordings of July and August posted, listen to them, it started at 1 mil but Mr M Dahn made a motion to raise it to 3 mil.  Stating something like, one mil isn’t enough, we need real money.



Integrity in Leadership

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