Where the helll has free speech gone! We will not let the Bullies win

There are those same folks that are throwing stones at the chef for starting his campaign against the override TAX, “so early”.  The wording and money have to be at the County by the 28th of Sep.  That gives both sides 4-5 weeks before we must vote, with mail in ballots a shorter time period.  If you want to defeat something then you start as early as you see the treat, providing true and complete data. The EE continue to make statements that are meant to mislead you, stating the Mil Levy isn’t even written let.  At the Tue board meeting Dr Cullen had a letter from the lawyers, the letter stated they were ready to draft the ballot issue.  I asked that the Board provide them answers to three questions; (1) how much will the levy be, (2) for how long, (3) and for what purpose.  M. Dahn, G. Dahn, E Hudson and B McWillians provided Dr Cullen the three questions.  Is there a start time to be against something.  The Board approved having the ballot issue turned over to the lawyers.  As soon as the lawyers return the draft and the board approves that it then given to the County.  Waiting until November is just what the president and the other three director want.  I believe the EE was at the meet, how can he say they did not discuss the ballot issue, look at the posted agenda, it was about all they discussed.  Why would anyone lie when all you have to do is listen to the audio. To the EllicottEar, you were at the meeting or were you!  Trying to hide in the crowd of three?

This is a quote for the EE that demonstrate to me and others the bullying attack on those that voice opinions they are against. “Their response was “who the hell cares what McDowell thinks.”  This committee should care what all the citizens think, we will be the ones voting.  Maybe that is the problem, they don’t care what the citizens care about.  Kind of like the board.  We have learned from the past recall effort you start early and finish early, don’t wait.

but again the committee just asked what 3 mils would mean in terms of expense for the property owner.  Totally not true, I believe it was M. Dahn that said 3 mils and McWilliams second.  All vote yes beside Mrs Twiss.  Not a single person computed how much per house all they computer was how much it would bring into the district.  Again folks the EE is miss leading you.  Take the time to listen to the recording of Tue meeting.  I will call Monday to push them to posting it ASAP.  (Just another comment, this was the first time they had used the new conference room. so would not be surprised if something went wrong with the taping.) That will prove who is telling the truth. “He writes that no one knows how much it will cost to fix the district track, but that is not true either; because it was discussed at a board meeting.”  Yes it was but now addition problems are being added to the “need”.  At the Tue board meeting Mr McWilliams stated the track needs to be taken up and fixed then laid back down, then Mr Hudson stated the track needed to be expanded.  Believe the 100K was for the expansion not the repair.

“McDowell writes that “they” should find out what the citizens of the district want to do. Well that is exactly what they are trying to do; asking the question to the district voters.”  I stated that the four board members should see if the ballot issue was being supported before the district spends 9000-10,000 dollars.  Why waste this needed money.  Maybe we should require the board and the “committee” to come up with the 9000 dollars.  The Board is asking the voters, (whether they pay property tax or not) to vote yes or no one the tax, NOT HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT A SPORT TAX.  Don’t fall asleep.

“McDowell is an idiot, who the hell cares what he thinks”.  Since this board and this “community committee are representatives of the district, I will file a CORA to see who they are and then suggest those that feel this is a bad thing contact them.  In fact checking my notes it appears that M. Dahn, G.Dahn and McWilliams all board members maybe the committee if there is one.  Need to check the board policies just to see.  Believe it was the president who said they were on the committee.  Again listen to the recording.

Here are my responses to EE number rantings

1. The superintendent and president stated “if the ballot issue fails they would look into grants.  By this statement it appears they haven’t checked anything.  Again listen to the audio.  I don’t care what was said in the past, listen to what we say now.

2. This is also false, if the ballot issue passes the levy is law not just how the citizens feel.  A done deal.  This is what I stated in the post, totally miss leading statements.  This is why I find so much wrong with a number of the board member core values. “ If the citizens pass the measure, then everyone is paying a small amount to fix the neglected sports facilities that those previous boards (and many of McDowell’s friends) failed to maintain”.  Only property owners will pay the mil levy tax.  It is a property tax, based on value.  So renters will not pay unless the property owner raises their rent.  Military families living on bases will not pay.  Individuals that live with others will not.  Transit individual/families will not pay.  Mr M Dahn stated at the meeting there are many families that could not afford paying for sports, then I guess they want to be able to pay their taxes either.  Again do all the board members pay property taxes?  Again is it alright for families that have children that don’t play sports, pay a sport tax, how about families that have no children, or retired folks.  I have a neighbor that is in another activity, her function gets no money but her family has to pay for someone who plays baseball.   How about those that are in rodeos/Little Bitches they pay the tax but nothing goes to the rodeo group.  Isn’t there a federal law that requires equal dollars for all sports?  Mrs Twiss did not say that and I did not print it, she stated she did not support the tax or the plan.  She stated that it was still time to improve education.  Again listen to the audio, this is the time for those who believe the EE is truthful, just listen to the audio.  He was there.

3. Again not true, Dr Cullen stated the cost, reading from a paper, would be 6700.00, Mr Hudson stated really that much, I thought it would be 3000.00, again Dr Cullen read from a paper said no it is 6700.00, one of the Dahn’s stated really.

  1. “county tax bill”, Again not true, if 1mil will be 27.00 per 100,000 (as the board stated in the newspaper) but now raises it three-time that would be 81.00 per 100,000 tax value. I will look on-line to see the worth of EE’s property, guess it is around 34,000, base on what he stated.  Again listen to the audio, it is not 1 mil it is 3 mil.  Again this is another tax over those you paid last year.  It will make three separate taxes.  Bond, property and override.

7. If there are issues they need to be addressed and corrected.  Not playing politics.

(note statements in italics and underlined or statement made by the EE.)



Integrity in Leadership

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