Bob Beauprez


Yesterday Jill Repella and I announced the release of the first phase of The Stronger Colorado Plan. Providing Coloradans a clear view on where we stand on the issues is important to us. The policies and initiatives in this plan focus specifically on making Colorado more competitive. I hope you’ll take a moment to download it now.  Our opponent points to a handful of numbers and tells us that means our economy has recovered. But sadly, too many Colorado working families have been left out of John Hickenlooper’s economy. In the Economic Outlook Ranking, Colorado has dropped from #2 to #22 since John Hickenlooper became governor. In Colorado, government jobs make up a larger share of jobs created than in any other state in our region. Tragically, we have the third highest rate of increase of children living in poverty among all 50 states. We believe there is a better way and we are fighting to bring real opportunity to Colorado. Chip in $10 today to help us make The Stronger Colorado Plan a reality.


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Integrity in Leadership

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