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“On his blog he seems to be saying “LET THE OTHER GUY PAY FOR EVERYTHING, BUT IF I WANT TO ATTEND IT SHOULD BE FREE FOR ME!” Really show me the money! I gave and support a lot of organizations; but I first investigate the organizations. If an organization takes more than it gives or 90% for admin cost I stop. What is District 22 Admin percentage? So-wrong again; just the opposite; “pay to play”. EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!

Diners have you wondered how the other Blogger gets his information?  We all know where the Ear sits.

Now let me correct what he wrote.  It like h/h can’t read.  Isn’t a ballot issue a process to vote for or against something?  Yes it is, so I will vote no for any single item mil levy; for Sports!!!!!!!  If the levy means $25 per household per year (wrong, it is 20-30 $ per 100,000) (land owners will pay much more, maybe the Board President will only pay $25/yr) have those that want sports, pay for it.  CHARGE families that want their children to play sports.  Now this is a little of a guess, but let’s looking at the number that uses the Sport facilities, lets’ say maybe 20% of the students, why are we giving them special money?   Gyms are part of the schools, so we have them.  I am not the only one, not knowing what the ballot issue will read like, the board has until Sep to write it, (unlike the Ear who maybe the person that is writing the levy).  I have mentioned it to nine citizens; (did you know that the School Board is placing a Mil Levy on the Nov ballot to be used for sport faculties?) and everyone said no I will not support the ballot issue.  Each stated, “in times like this our money should be spent for education not sports”.  Maybe when we are the “BEST” or “sets the education standards for Colorado) then maybe a swimming pool or a rodeo arena.  Again just how many (percentage) of the students in D22 would receive any positive return.  Why not a program to enhance special need students or advance students?  Isn’t the job of the school system to educate?  I looked at the Colorado Education Department charter do you see the word sports, football or checkers?  NO!!!!!!!  Again this mil is for 10 years as Mr Hudson stated to the newspaper.


I reread my post, did not see where I stated putting an issue on the ballot is wrong I asked why?  Stated I was against it and would campaign against it.  I would question how much it is costing just to file a ballot issue?  How long will it take to repay the ballot cost?  Remember the uproar over the cost of the last recall?  Even some that is pushing this levy issue screamed about the recall cost.  WHY!!!!  Ask yourself  who is pushing this mil levy?

Here is what Mr Hudson stated to the Gazette.

— Property owners will be asked to support a 1 mill override to the school tax base for a period of 10 years, said Ernest Hudson, president of the board.

—  If approved, the tax increase would cost $25 a year for every $100,000 of assessed property valuation, he said. The mill levy would generate approximately $25,000 a year, which Hudson said would be used to upgrade the football, softball, baseball and soccer fields for the district’s 1,000 students.


$25 per year, again why not charge to play?  There is a growing number of district’s that have or gone that way.  Question is there a difference between a baseball field and a softball field, just pointing out a funny.  Why not have those that really support D22’s sport program, show up on Sat and do the work.  There are a lot of tractors around here!  Make that announcement and see just who really supports the program.

Now (thanks diners) a short response to Mr Duncan,



“The wannabe cowboy, town troublemaker, self proclaimed public figure Fayne McDowell now has a political agenda to fight in Ellicott. McDowell has publicly stated He will campaign against a small mill levy increase to upgrade athletic facilities in the Ellicott school district.” by Mr Duncan.


Thanks again for the heads up. When a person just throws rocks over the fence and doesn’t take the time to discuss any issues, all I can do is pray for him. I spent many years defending his right to speak. So keep talking. He like me has the freedom and right to say what he feels. He uses the word “criticize” I ask him to go back and reread, I question most things that what it takes to understand. I say again I do not admire or respect individuals that have no values or attack others by falsehoods & lies. I will soon ask more question of this board, I see this board telling us “what they have done, but never saying WHY they are doing it. Mr D, here you are, I fully agree that the district needed to upgrade its’ IT, but what is buying more going to do, how it going to enhance education? Increase the cardboard recycling project. Tell me what is going to be done with the 100’s of dollars being spent? Again no discussion on what I’m questioning but belittling of my sports ability. Why bully?

I have sent so many emails, questions to this Board and not a single response-not a single response only treats, so just how are they so open? I ask questions to the Board and they send me to the Superintend, isn’t his job educating our children? Why can the Board send out letters but can’t answer questions on where they are spending our dollars they approve to be spent. Strange isn’t it.



Integrity in Leadership


P.S.  Why not a ROTC program?

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