District 22’s School Board’s Sports Mil Levy ballot Issue

Taxpayers, here is another effort to get the citizens to provide money for a program that has nothing to do with education.  Sports, where is providing a football field a requirement of the taxpayers?  It is not!  Folks, where is that money tree.  I see a number on this school board that just wants to spend money so they can say, “look what I have done”.  Let’s look at a few things first, attendance at board meeting just about zero, attendance at PTA (?), attendance at Booster Club meetings (?) attendance at other school functions and the so-called community meeting a few weeks ago (?).  It appears that very few care.  Just what is the average attendance at football games, basketball games or baseball?  Just how much will a 1% mil rate bring in?  We as with most schools need to get back to the basics.  Folks I will campaign against this Sports Mil Levy.  Not all Board members support this effort, one agrees that this is a poorly planned and thought out effort.  We must require this Board to direct their effort toward improving the education our children desire.  Dinners, email each of the board members demanding an explanation and a position.  It is time to see where this Board is leading this district.  Maybe a sport should be required to support itself or not have it.



Integrity in Leadership

P.S  was the last board meeting posted 72 hours prior?  Maybe I failed to see it.  But I must have missed it.

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