Dear Republicans:

 It’s time to buy your tickets to the 2014 Lincoln Day Dinner. Longtimers say that, under Chairman Jeff Hays, your local party is doing a remarkable job of coordinating and integrating Republican campaigns. Purchasing a ticket to our annual Lincoln Day Dinner is a way to chip in and support the cause of victory in November.  Register today. This year’s master of ceremonies will be Jon Caldara, the funnyman president of the Independence Institute and, for a short period during the recall election last year, a resident of Colorado Springs. Our keynote speaker will be Congressman Michael McCaul of Texas, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security. Bob Beauprez, Republican nominee for Colorado Governor, will also speak. Other local and statewide candidates will be in attendance and play various roles. Please register today and help reclaim our government. Register online or call Headquarters at (719) 578-0490 and I’ll take your payment over the phone. We hope to see you on Saturday, July 26. Best, Daniel Cole Executive Director El Paso County Republican Party
El Paso County Republicans · 205 Sutton Ln, Colorado Springs, CO 80907



Integrity in Leadership

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