9-12 Pike Peak Patriots meeting

Good Day, Our next meeting is Wednesday, 9 July, at 6:30 PM in the Colorado Springs Christian School, 4855 Mallow Rd. We are celebrating Independence Day; a time of reflection of our history; our rising up against tyranny, and establishing the hope of liberty for the world. But, where are we today? On 9 July, David Kelly joins us as we examine these questions below and possible working solutions. It is time we are honest about our country, those in power, and our place in history. * Rush Limbaugh said in response to the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling, “We’re in such dangerous territory in terms of losing our freedom that we cheer when five out of nine people uphold the Constitution. We’re not advancing anything, folks. We are barely hanging on here.” Is he right? * America is exceptional through her Constitution, but have those who have convinced a generation of Americans it is a “living document” been successful in killing it? * Where is the country likely heading? * We came together in waves of Americans across America and Colorado in 2009 in a new “Liberty Movement”. What is the status of the movement today? * In practical terms, what can we do as individuals and collectively to meet the challenges we face as America is transformed around us? Also, a brief update on “Federal Land Grab Issues” in Colorado; an issue we voted to take on as a group. See you there.

Visit 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots at: http://9-12pikespeakpatriots.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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