Part two of the letter



Continue our dinning on the School Boards letter.

Sports discussion

Sports: Why not a sport fee?  Just how many of the community’s children participate in the District’s sports program.  I have been called a tight-wad, I’m not; I’m conservative (political, financial and moral).  I feel that our politicians forget it is not their money, it is not the money of a few individuals; it is the money of those that paid their taxes, not just residents of District 22.  An effort must be made to insure that a few are not driving the buggy “THEIR WAY”.  As I have discussed before research must be conducted to see if the cost is justified for all.  Someone has stated that putting lights at the football stadium will increase school morale and bring the community closer together.  Just how will light bring folks together, maybe I’m wrong if so explain it to me.  Lights mean night games, games during winter months, cold nights.  How is attendance?  This community can’t even support a celebration for the old middle school, so why would light enhance attendance.  What I see and believe is that those with children playing may attend, most don’t?  I remember a few months ago someone want a horse/livestock program, does this mean the district needs a rodeo arena?  Again this is a true example of the limits of a small school District.  Now; what I’ll call the Obama approach, Board President and other members strutting around about reducing our property tax, stating that the average taxpayer will save $100.00 but within a few months suggesting a  “override tax” or better titled “Sports tax”.  Will this extra tax  also be used for the debating club, choir, band, math club, drama club and the other extra activities.  I enjoy ” pool”, so are the taxpayer responsible for providing a pool table, how about a swimming pool for those that enjoy swimming.  I know it is a hard decision but we are living is hard times.  Again I can hear folks shouting; Fayne is against sports, I’m not but I am against spending education dollars for non educational stuff.

District and Financial Transparency (subject from SBletter) 

I agree that the District has made some good steps toward transparency but really the financial steps are required by the state.  The recordings of the board meeting a good step forward but the video may be a little waste of time and money. I don’t care to see, just to hear what is said/discussed.  Has anyone asked, not me.  About the financial website, it is great but a little hard to understand, especially since the platform has changes over the years.  It is like the definition RESERVE, just what is it and what makes up the definition.  Another problems I have with this board and its leadership is that the level of reserve keeps changing.  At first it was 6 months of operating cost then they changed to 3M (from someplace) and now it is 2.9M.  I’m going to develop a graph that shows the reduction in reserves and yearly budgeting and actual expenditures.  Just how much has it gone up or down?  The reserve amount is like the old shell game, where is the pea?  It appears that if the board has something they want, then lets lower the reserve limit.  I guess the Chef needs to post the audit, but does “sufficient” make you feel comfortable.  The author (Board President) again mistakenly  states, “the district will again own all its school buildings” .  What about the “bond” for the new Middle School?   Don’t we, the district, owe millions or has the district paid off the 2014 Bond?  Is this telling an untruth?  What about this statement, “The school Board is dedicated to insuring that the district reserves remain at three million dollars”, but then it says the reserve is 2.9, what is it.


Integrity in Leadership



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