Friends, This is not an ordinary election — because this is not an ordinary time. After four years of failed leadership, Colorado deserves better. And the only man for the job is Bob Beauprez. I’m excited to follow his lead, to join his team, and to pursue an agenda that will get our State back on track. When Bob asked me to join his team, I did so without any hesitation. I’m ready and willing to take on this battle with Bob.   I encourage you to join us on TEAM BEAUPREZ. Whether you can contribute to our efforts, volunteer at campaign headquarters, or like us on Facebook, we need you! I’m a 5th Generation Coloradan, so Colorado is my home. I attended Denver public schools, graduated from Colorado State University and the University of Denver, and am now a proud mother of three. I have worked in commercial architectural design and space planning, construction, project management and business. For the last six years, I have had the honor to serve as a Douglas County Commissioner. Now more than ever, I am thankful for this experience because it has enabled me to get to know people at the local level. A connection to local communities will help us win in November. The work ahead will be hard — but these times demand the best of us. Together, we can change it. Join Bob, the Republican team, and me — and donate TODAY to build a better Stronger Colorado. I hope to see each of you soon on the campaign trail. Best, Jill Repella Candidate for Lt. Governor


Integrity in Leadership

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