Peyton setting the Standard

Did you read the June 26 Ranchland?  Peyton’s District not only outside the box but they jumped out of it.  Linkage is the future of education; not the old stand alone districts.  This is why a creative decision maker would disband all these small districts and create a single multi functional one.  A district that can offer a wide range of directions, that would met a wide range of career options; kind of like small academies.   Way-to-go Peyton!!!!!!!!!  A quick question does the Superintendent have his Doctorate?  Bet he is young and hungry.  May be D22 needs to establish a bus route to Peyton.  But if they were to do this the District would lose money and positions.  What is more important?!!!!!!  Amen to Peyton and Career Building Academy, outsourcing is the way a growing organization meets the need to change.  Maybe D22 should become a part of Peyton’s District.  I do have a problem with the Ranchland labeling our kids “rural”.

Free Summer Food Service Program -July 7 thru July 25, 2014 / Monday-Friday  “Meals will be provided to all children under the age of 18 without charge and are the same for all children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability, and there will be no discrimination in the course of the meal service.”  Does this statement seem out-of-place?  Or is there an issue at the district.  Just seems strange, to me.

Public Meeting:  For those that got the word let me know how many “residents” were really at the meeting.  Maybe a call to John, whose I assume was there.  There are so many questions that require an answer before any money is spent on new stuff.  The front of the High School has to be upgraded, the law requires it, so do it.  Actions need to be prioritized:  required by law, then required for safety/security, required to met a standard and finally nice to have.  It is call budgeting.

Campaign letter:  Could the letter (sent by the Board) be considered a political campaign letter, which would be against District policy as well as the State.  Let’s talk about it.  Review the last two pages, describes each board members education, a picture and then a campaign statement (District’s Goals).  Maybe a legal review.  Remember Mrs Twiss was not included.  One must ask, why was the last few pages even included?  Anyone who cares knows who the board members are, why didn’t the Superintendent write it?  I know!!!!!!!!!


Integrity in Leadership


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