Why, and How much

Just about caught-up with the weeding/mowing; so let’s talk about the letter from the district’s board president and the Tuesday GOP primary.

First the primary; Tue showed us two things, (1) there was a high turn-out and (2) some good guys won and some lost.  I have concerns, when it comes to primaries.  Many times it gives the opposing party a heads-up on the weakness of the other party, it also waste money.  Why not let the first ballot determine the candidate.  Why must a person get 50% of the vote?  But anyway; the team has been selected and if your person did not win; forget it and move on to the bigger picture.  The next and final step is the vote in November, we must again vote and ask all those around us to also vote.  We must take back our state and turn the tide of Denver and Boulder.  Now that the GOP’s candidates have been selected, I will be picking up signs and other material and will let you know where to pick-up campaign material.

Now the Board’s letter.  First, did anyone else notice that one board member was only named and another left completely dismissed.  Mrs Twiss is the senior Board member and nothing; could it that she voted against the letter and the fact that the President was writing the letter, not the Superintendent?  Is this pay-back for voicing you opinion?  Most folks would say that this is a little like bullying or play ground games.  Is this payment for doing what citizens voted for board members, freedom of speech.  I just found it strange that a voice against, means you are not included as a member.  I also found it strange that members were highlighting their educational level.  Is this important, does it mean something.

Next, the “Student Achievement and Accreditation” paragraph.  What is the district’s accreditation status?  The letter talks about how the schools get their accreditation; but then it tells you to go to the internet to review the information.  Why not tell us?  How has the district progressed over the last few years?  Has Dr Cullen improved the measurements?  Has the leadership of this Board improved the status of this district?  A simple graph would have answered all these and other questions.  Another question, that I would have been asked; reviewing the amount of taxpayer dollars being spent; how has it impacted the education our children are receiving?  What is the average dollars spent on each child?  Wouldn’t it be important is see what is or is not impacting the “quality” of education being provided.  Just; what is the results of increased expenditures.  Again just spending more of our tax dollars does not mean improvement in the education provided.  The US spends more per student than any other country and our scores are below the top 10.  Again just spending money isn’t the fix.  The fix is parent involvement and structure.  Set the standards and demand compliances.

Next paragraph “focus on the basics”, next post.



Integrity in Leadership


P.S.  Here are a few questions that might need to be asked:

– What was the total dollars amount spent (per year) for each of the last five school years?

– What was the total number of administrative personnel (per year) for each of the last five school years?

– What was the total number of teacher (per year) for each of the last five school years?

– What was the total number of students for each of the last five school years?

This would then be compared to the accreditation status given by the state for our district.

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