Bob Beauprez Your Republican candidate for Governor

Fayne, Tonight we celebrate because of you. Whether you voted, made phone calls, knocked on doors, attended a rally, donated to the campaign, or shared our message on social media — thank you. This is our time for choosing. Today, thousands of Coloradans joined our fight to restore Colorado’s greatness. They embraced Liberty’s promise. The fight is not done. Tomorrow, we go back to work. Together, we win in November. Help me fight for the state we love — donate $14 or more today. $14 to ensure we are successful on November 4th 2014. Donate here. Over the past few months on the campaign trail, I have met many Coloradans whose ideas for a stronger Colorado have been diminished by the false promises and weak leadership of our Governor. Everywhere I go, Coloradans are tired of being tired, and many of those who are fortunate enough to have a job, are working harder for less. They know Colorado does not have to settle. They know ‘okay’ is not good enough. They know there’s a difference between living and living free. To all of the many good and decent Coloradans who want nothing more than a better chance, and a better future, I have a simple message: Hold on a little longer. A better and stronger Colorado begins tonight. Tonight is the start of a new campaign to unite voters around ALL of Colorado. I am ready to unite with the other Republican candidates for governor — men who had the courage to stand and be counted. They have a place in our campaign to share ideas, share resources and begin campaigning to beat Governor Hickenlooper in November. Claudia and I are so appreciative of your continued support. Thank you for caring about Colorado. You have put your faith in our vision, our plan, our team, and in me… I cannot tell you how humbling that is. I assure you that we will not let you down. Sincerely, Bob Beauprez Your Republican candidate for Governor P.S. Help Team Beauprez continue our momentum and donate $14 tonight!
 ————————————————-reprint——————————————————Comments:  congrats to Bob for winning a close one.  A number of good Republican men running for governor; but only one can win and Bob did.  Now it is “game on”.  Look into your penny jar and if you can donate to the cause to bring our state back to what we love.Fayne

Integrity in Leadership

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