Congressman Lamborn Stands Up for our Veterans and American Energy



Today, Congressman Doug Lamborn attended two important Congressional hearings. First, he chaired his Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee as they analyzed two pieces of legislation designed to increase access to American energy and lower costs.

“These bills will clarify and streamline the natural gas infrastructure permitting process. They will reduce the need for flaring and allow more natural gas to be brought to market.  As a result of increased energy production, more jobs will be created, revenue will increase, and the United States can further distinguish itself as a global leader in energy production.” – Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05)

The Congressman also attended an Oversight Hearing of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. The hearing reviewed awarding bonuses to Senior Executives at the VA Department.

“The incentive-based bonus system is outrageous and appalling. Bonuses should only be awarded when actual results are achieved. The last four years at the VA have been plagued with preventable deaths, huge backlogs, legionella outbreaks and numerous other failures that have put veteran’s lives at risk.  Yet, not a single Senior Executive Service employee at the VA has received a performance rating of less than “Fully Successful.” Awarding bonuses based on false metrics and exaggerated statistics has helped erode the trust between veterans and those who are supposed to care for them. I will continue to work hard and lead on this issue until we have improved the care being offered to our brave veterans.” – Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05)

This week, Congressman Lamborn was named as one of eight Republican House members of special House-Senate Conference to address the differences between House and Senate VA reform legislation. Work by the Conference Committee is expected to begin next week.



Integrity in Leadership

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