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The City of Colorado Springs is a great place to live and is associated with strong conservative values; values that transcend, in many ways, political affiliation. The two stories below indicate that our city is changing and the Mayor, who spoke to our group as and ran as a strong conservative in all ways, is also changing. This reflects only my own opinion as expressed publicly and I strongly ask that you look to form your own. We are under attack on many fronts; nationally, statewide, and locally. It is locally where we can effectively and decisively make the most impact.

Mayor Bach Flips Calls for Tax Increases

Springs Mayor goes all lefty saying we need to redistribute more money because the economy is bad, not enough people working and, well dang it, government just needs to keep doing what government does; grow. So, open your wallets and continue to lower your standard of living even as the economy squeezes you, your food and energy bills rise and just take it because even Harry Reid knows raising taxes spurs growth… “The mayor said he changed his stance on considering a tax increase because the local economy continues to be sluggish, not enough jobs are being created, and the city lacks an influx of young professionals to balance a growing retirement population.” E-mail the city council  to express your thoughts on the wisdom of the Mayor’s proposal. You may expand as you see fit in the body or just say “vote No (or yes, if you think it’s a good idea) in the subject line. The full council e-mail is:


Story link:


Mayor Bach’s Wife Endorses Democrat in County Commission District 5 over City for Champions (C4C).

It says a lot about where the Mayor has taken us and how far he has moved away from what he said he was when running. The Commissioners crime here is asking for more information of C4C as any responsible person charged with taxpayers money should do. Moving to allow someone who is running only to force C4C no matter the cost to the taxpayer, who will weaken all the Commissioners’ stances the vast majority of our County supports; 2nd Amendment; TABOR, strong push back on government over reach; all to move an agenda to benefit a few with unknown second and third order effects for the rest of us is a move against the majority of El Paso County. This and the mayors demand for tax increases in a down turn is another indication those who had reservations about the mayor in the beginning were right. I stand corrected.

Story Link:




Integrity in Leadership

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