Bob Beauprez

Denver, Colorado – May 20, 2014 —  Bob Beauprez once again proves that he is the only conservative running for Colorado governor who is ready to lead our state to prosperity. Bob has once again proven that he is the right choice for Colorado.

“Colorado has always been big enough to accommodate the dreams of everyone… That is until about eight years ago.  Colorado is better than what we’ve been getting from this governor. Let’s be great again… And let’s start in November by electing a Republican governor.”

During tonight’s debate hosted by Colorado Christian University and The Women of the Centennial Institute, Beauprez was the only Republican to have a comprehensive plan to empower businesses and encourage job growth.  Because Bob has been a successful Colorado rancher and entrepreneur, he knows how important it is to cut through the bureaucratic red tape currently strangling Colorado businesses.

“This governor is squeezing our citizens and forcing them into little boxes.  This governor is suffocating business, opportunity, conservative values and our children’s future.”

During the recent 9News debate, Bob Beauprez was declared the clear winner and the gubernatorial front runner by the Republican and Democratic political panel.  Tonight was no different, Beauprez set the pace and was the only candidate to have the vision, experience and drive to govern Colorado.

“What is John Hickenlooper’s agenda?  Does anyone know what his key piece of legislation is?  Hickenlooper doesn’t lead… He reacts. Many times when John Hickenlooper should act, he passes the buck.  When asked to carry out the execution for Nathan Dunlap, he kicked the can down the road to the next governor.”

Bob Beauprez continues to excite voters with his commitment to strong leadership and common sense government.  The momentum is growing across Colorado as more concerned citizen are joining Bob in his effort to put Colorado back to work and protect our western way of life. Joining Bob recently were Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Mitt Romney, State Sen. Greg Brophy and former gubernatorial candidate Steve House.

“First priority is to offer freedom.  Government must get out of the way and let people make their own choices… I trust that you know best for you and your own family.”



Integrity in Leadership


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