Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition endorses Gordon Klingenschmitt

 In a major annoucement last Thursday, the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition (PPFC) board voted unanimously to endorse Gordon Klingenschmitt for State Representative in HD15.  The endorsement came after Gordon clearly won a public debate against his 27-year old opponent at the PPFC meeting at the VFW post last month. This endorsement proves Gordon is trusted to defend your Second Amendment rights and work to repeal the five bad gun-grabbling laws passed by Democrats in Denver. Gordon is a 20-year active duty veteran, former Navy Chaplain, and earned his N.R.A. distinguished expert marksman badge at age 16 as captain of his high school rifle team.  He also worked actively to recall the Democrat Senate majority leader John Morse who had violated the citizens right to keep and bear arms. “I’m inviting every law-abiding citizen to come shoot guns with me this Saturday,” said Gordon, who is hosting a public fundraiser at 1pm Saturday at the Whistling Pines Gun Club, 1412 Woolsey Heights (near Platte and Marksheffel), Colorado Springs.  See map here.   Any donation to Gordon’s campaign gets you a FREE one-day membership, FREE use of the club’s guns, and FREE gun safety lessons.  You can buy their ammo on site or bring your own guns and ammo if you prefer.  Men bring your women and teens!  To R.S.V.P. to Gordon’s gun event, just donate to Gordon’s campaign now, or bring your checkbook Saturday at 1pm. Please select here to contribute to my first run for office. Help our campaign buy a roll of stamps for just $49. Max donation is $800 per person. Even just $10 can get us started. Please select here to contribute to my first run for office. Help our campaign buy a roll of stamps for just $49. Max donation is $800 per person. Even just $10 can get us started. Chaplain Announces Run for Office I’m an Air Force Academy graduate (Political Science ’91), earned my PhD in Theology, served 20 years active duty military, also a former Navy Chaplain, honorably discharged. For the past six years I have served (and shall continue to serve) as a full time political activist for conservative causes at the national level. I will continue to air my daily political TV show into 37 million available cable homes, and help YOU deliver petitions to D.C. My organization has sent 4.5 million petitions to Congress, and helped change the law in 12 states.  We defend pro-business, pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-freedom, and pro-2nd Amendment causes. We do not compromise on matters of principle. I am a grassroots fighter, like many of you. But it’s time real conservatives take control from within. You may remember my own story, which made national headlines in 2006, when I took a stand for religious freedom and YOUR first amendment right to pray “in Jesus’ name.”  I violated an unconstitutional Navy policy that banned prayer speech outside of chapel.  I endured punishment for my stand, which cost my military career, but I was vindicated by Congress who reversed the bad policy and restored freedom, because 300,000 Americans petitioned with me to defend our chaplains and troops. I know what it means to defend the Constitution against its enemies.  I sacrificed my career and pension on the altar of liberty, and won back freedom for people of all faiths. Watch!  Gordon’s 8-minute TV video announcing his run for office. I’m a business leader, earned an M.B.A., founded two corporations, and my charity helped build an orphanage for 94 kids last year.  We also raised money for Black Forest Fire victims, Boulder Flood victims, and we provide health care and food for widows and orphans. I want less government, more freedom, lower taxes, less bureaucracy, incentives for small business, free markets, and more individual liberty for you and your family.  At age 16 I earned my N.R.A. distinguished expert marksman badge, was captain of my school rifle team, and I will not compromise on 2nd Amendment rights.  I personally worked gathering petitions, block-walking, phone banks, and I donated to recall the Democrat Senate President John Morse in the Colorado elections last month. We sent a national message to the enemies of freedom in D.C. Sadly the bad gun laws remain, passed by Senate Democrats. There are NO religious exemptions in the horrible civil unions law they passed last year. So I want to go to Denver as a lawmaker to represent YOU and repeal the damage done to conservative citizens. I need your best donation today, of $49, $100, or $800 max.  I am not a wealthy man, having sacrificed much to defend freedom for others.  But you can live vicariously through me, by sending me to fight for you in the legislature. Colorado has been “ground zero” in the liberals’ culture war to deprive our freedoms.  I’ve lived here since 1986 (except military assignments) and it’s time to stand up. If you cannot donate today, at least please watch my campaign video, here, and forward this to email to everybody you know in the state of Colorado. God Bless you, in Jesus’ name,Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhDWho is Gordon?   Read bio here.P.S. Please “like” us on facebook, here, and ADD YOUR NAME TO OUR LIST OF ENDORSERS by simply writing a note like “Go Chaps!” onourfacebook page. Prefer to donate by mail?  Please write: Gordon ForColoradoHD15, PO Box 77077, Colorado Springs, CO 80970.——————————————————–reprint—————————————————Fayne

Integrity in Leadership

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