I got a few Goosies

What the hell is Universal Education, a quote from Peter Gray, Ph.D,I described the Sudbury Valley School, where for 40 years children have been educating themselves in a setting that operates on assumptions that are opposite to those of traditional schooling. Studies of the school and its graduates show that normal, average children become educated through their own play and exploration, without adult direction or prodding, and go on to be fulfilled, effective adults in the larger culture. Instead of providing direction and prodding, the school provides a rich setting within which to play, explore, and experience democracy first hand; and it does that at lower expense and with less trouble for all involved than is required to operate standard schools. So why aren’t most schools like that?”

I believe whomever is wrong with his statement;”this country was founded on”. Believe it was founded on “freedom”. All one has to do is do a word search on the constitution, or the Bill of Rights. His position seems to be a plank out of the Democratic Party’s Platform, just what is equal opportunity. It reads like equal opportunity really means equal “results”. Looking back I don’t believe that anyone has made any statements; taking away any one opportunities. It is like a door at the end of a hallway as long as the door isn’t locked, by whatever, everyone has the equal opportunity to pass through the door. I would highlight his word “equal”, now I know some will not quote me correctly but I again, use his word “equal”. Here is the quote from my post that whomever continues to get wrong, “My goal would be to produce HIGHLY educated children.  Today it appears we spend more time, energy and money on the bottom 25% then the top 25%.  I believe that educators have lost the meaning of educating.  Distractions, lack of discipline and laziness would be unaccepted.  My addition quote, ” As taxpayers we are required to provide an education opportunity not a standard education.  No child left behind, failure is not an option, I disagreed.  If a child does not want to learn or a parent doesn’t care why should resources be taken from those that do.  I was taught that my education was mine and my parents responsibility as much as the school system.  Today some use the school-house as a daycare center, not an educational center.  If one would take the time to total up the expenditures for those that fall below the standard and those that are above it, I believe that we would all be surprised at the “unequal” dollar to student ratio.  I have said before,education is a three-legged stool, with one leg a little longer than the others.”  The long leg or the success/failure belongs to the individual.  Is it equal for those that work hard, ones whose parents establish and enforce standards and those that take responsibility for their education to have less spent on them?  That is one of the positive things about Academies,  some don’t restrain the others. 

Whomever how do you define “opportunity”, a bus to the building, a teacher, and a report card.  is this opportunity and equal?  I again have not used the word “less deserving“, maybe the words would be “desiring to learn”.   How much do we spending getting individuals to pass the State required test; while the “desiring to learn group sit and just consume timeShould a child enter the US school system prepared and ready to learn?   

Diners here is another example of the falsehoods written by the whomever.  Again the word “deserving” was not used by the Chef.  What was said was, “In most schools systems grade standards must be maintained to play, if you want to play you make the grades”.  I do have a disability when it comes to spelling; but the EllicottEar continues to display his inability to read, it appears.  Isn’t there grades and attendance standards at District 22?  Comment to whomever: you should read the Athletics Handbook, “Participation in these activities is not a right, but that right can be earned by meeting expectations in both the classroom and in the Ellicott community. Participation also requires that each individual student and their families make certain sacrifices that may not always be asked of students who are not participating, which creates the need for an occasional higher standard of behavior when compared to a student who opts to not participate.” Also, “Academically Eligible. Eligibility is pulled every Wednesday at 4 pm when school is in session. The eligibility report comes into effect the following Monday and will stay in effect until the end of the Saturday of that same reporting period. Students who have 1 or more failing grades on that Wednesday will be ineligible. Two D grades is equivalent to one failing grade. If it’s one failing grade or two D grades, then the student can regain eligibility at any time between when the report is pulled and when the eligibility period ends by presenting proof to either the Head Coach, or the Athletic Director. If a student has two failing grades on any one report, that student will be considered ineligible until the end of that reporting period.” I also believe that every college or university also has standards for their athletics or they did when I attended. Repeating the AHbook, it is not a right; but a right that can be earned. Some should look up the word “earned”.

Concerning Texas’ school system, he should again do some research.  Doesn’t Colorado control all school district’s,with Common Core the federal government will.  Sorry the state does not tell the district which teachers to hire, they just licenses them, just like Colorado and every other state.

Thanks to the Diners & I agree, the rest of the EllicottEars post is bullying and should be reported to the Superintendent and the other Board members.

Now some short bullets:

-did not edit anything, editing is the result of intent.

-did not blame anyone, list an issue with the process, which has been corrected

-not a protection order, restraining order

-not true about not funding sports but is it the priority of the Citizens

Does the EllicottEar really feel that Ellicott’s citizens are dumb!!!!!! Yes, everyone should get and have a chance (they do) . Yes, everyone should have the opportunity (they do), Yes, every child deserves an education (they do). Education can’t be forced on an individual, an individual must want to be educated.

Now I’m being called an “outsider” is this a new term? Just what does it take to be an insider? Is an outsider a person that uses his/her First Amendment rights? Or a person not born here? Does that mean all the Military families that live here are outsiders? To those that dislike me, I’m not going away so learn to live with it. I have the right to voice my opinions and concerns concerning this community, I live here. I chose Ellicott as the place to retire, so here I am and here I will stay. A few “insiders” aren’t going to impact me, they may give me goosies; but they don’t last long. I love being an Ellicottor.

 Note: It has been requested that I not use an individuals name on my blog any longer, I will respect his request.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


Integrity in Leadership

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