Governor Mitt Romney Endorses Bob Beauprez to Lead Colorado

 “Bob will empower Colorado families, communities and entrepreneurs to be successful”


Friends, Colorado, like many states, is at a crossroads and faced with a choice between strong leadership and no leadership at all. Voters will soon have to decide the future of their state… Will they choose four more years of failed policies or will they choose a leader to return Colorado to greatness? I’m betting on Coloradans to make the right choice and choose Bob Beauprez for their next governor. That’s why I’m endorsing Bob and look forward to supporting his campaign in the coming months. Won’t you join me on Team Beauprez? As a former governor, I can tell you that Bob Beauprez has exactly what Colorado needs to lead. Bob’s unique combination of passion, drive, conservative values and experience will make him an outstanding governor. Bob is committed to the future. As governor, he will give struggling Coloradans the opportunity to work. He will reduce spending and streamline state government. He will restore the rights of gun owners and put the welcome mat out for businesses to return. He will improve education by empowering teachers and parents. He will enforce the laws of the people and hold criminals accountable for their misdeeds. Bob Beauprez will be an outstanding governor for all of Colorado! I’m deeply honored to know Bob and his wife Claudia. Ann and I had the opportunity to get to know them on the campaign trail in 2012. We traveled together throughout your beautiful state, from Pueblo to Colorado Springs, Denver to the Western Slope, and finally making our way to the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheater.

The momentum is building across America for a return to common sense leadership, individual freedoms and conservative values. Can you feel the Republican momentum? Colorado will play a key role in reversing Obama’s arbitrary and oppressive policies. But the real road to “Hope and Change” begins here… With the election of Bob Beauprez as Colorado’s Governor. Join me today in standing up for America, opportunity and freedom by supporting Bob Beauprez. Together, we will return Colorado to it’s rightful place as that “shining city on the hill.” Together we will invest in our future and not deduct from our children’s. Our brightest days are ahead but we need Bob Beauprez to lead our team back to greatness! I know that we can return Colorado to prosperity, opportunity and common sense. Republicans must unite now to defeat the out of control policies and failed leadership of John Hickenlooper. Our time is now… And we need your support. Sincerely, Mitt Romney P.S. – Please join me in supporting Bob today. Donate what you can – $25, $50, or even $200 – to help us continue on the road to success in the Republican primary!

ABOUT BOB BEAUPREZ Bob Beauprez is a 5th Generation Coloradan whose life of service makes him uniquely qualified to restore Colorado’s greatness. Raised on his family farm in Lafayette, Bob knows the value of hard work, relying on your faith and family, and the opportunity to pursue the American dream. Bob built a community bank, grew a dairy business, served us in Congress, wrote a book on his conservative principles and returned to the land as a buffalo rancher. He has an unmatched record of proven service to the people of our state. Bob Beauprez is running for governor to use his unique background and proven conservative leadership to get Colorado back on track.




Integrity in Leadership


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