Why does IT matter

I guess it matters to what “IT” is.  We each have those things that just get our goat, things that we feel strongly about, don’t we.  What is yours?   I have written many times that values are personal and important.  Does it make you angrily to see that the truth has been lost in so many places.  Today in our government we can’t believe anyone, when those we elect can’t be trusted, so what do we do?  We have to wait until the next election and then start beating the drum.  We have seen that the recall process works and now the ballot box.  Have you picked your candidate for governor, senator and all those other state position?  If you haven’t are you seeking additional information to make that decision, you should be.  I see this as one of the most important election in the past so many years.  Is your state heading in the “right” way, is your federal government, if your answer is no then do your part to change it, get involved.  There are so many ways. First is insure that you and your family/friends are registered.  Make sure your voting information is correct go to:       http://car.elpasoco.com/election/Pages/default.aspx   then click on Verify or Update Registration.

I was asked a few days ago how I felt about sports in our schools, do I believe it improves students grades.  I provided two comments (1) it did for me, (2) yes but it isn’t the only thing that does there are other reasons.  In most schools systems grade standards must be maintained to play, if you want to play you make the grades.  Sport also effects attendance.  So is attendance and grades a subset of sports, for some yes.  Recently there was a study conducted at the LA school systems, which showed that attendance and grades improve in students that were in sport programs; but most schools studied were troubled schools.   But I would also offer that the same applies to students in the band,  choir, debating and other activities when attendance and grades standards are established and required.  Another key element to higher achievement is the closer relationship and involvement of the coaches in the athletics life.  I remember many coaches but only a few teachers.  A professor from the study said, ‘Sport allows you to develop a mentoring relationship with adults and with positive, school-oriented peers. ‘They help socialise you into being more focused on school, and may help develop time-management skills, initiative and an ability to work with others.’ I agree, but so do a lot of other things, the biggest is ADULT involvement. ROTC, Boy or Girl Scouts, FHA and other organizations where there are requirements. So to those that say we must have sports and spend educational dollars on sports, I have to say maybe not. Growing up in Texas where football is king, half of the student played the other half was in the band. Making a large percent involved, but is schools where a small percentage are involved in sports maybe not. My junior high and high school, Friday afternoon the entire town shut down and by game time all were in the stands. Ellicott; not so much. Involvement should be the key when it comes to spending money. But as with all things it has the most to do with parents and their involvement with their kids and others. Grades must be caused by desire and parents.

Finally, our school board is discussing spending $2000.00 to mail out a letter to discuss projects?  Is this a smart way to spend education dollars? Come on; that 3-4 computers, five white boards, 2-3 bus cameras and maybe 50 new books for the libraries. The Board president needs to research a better way to spend your and my money. Who is going to receive this expensive letter? How about using the ranchland, base papers and the website. My vote would be for 3 new computers for the computer room.


More to follow!!!!!!



Integrity in Leadership

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