Beauprez Discusses Job Growth, Improved Schools

Denver, Colorado – May 6, 2014 — On the first day on his “Stronger Colorado Tour,” Bob Beauprez was met with with enthusiasm from Coloradans concerned about the future of Colorado. Many telling Bob that they no longer recognize their state under the weak leadership and struggling economy of John Hickenlooper.

“Go get’em Bob,” a supporter shouted from the street as he passed by. Others tumbled out of stores along Golden’s Main Street for an opportunity to talk with Bob Beauprez about his plan to repair the damage left behind by two failed Democratic governors. “We can do better than what we’ve gotten from both Ritter and Hickenlooper,” said Beauprez. “Think of all the missed opportunities to put Colorado back to work under these two. We deserve better and when I’m governor… We’re going to get it!” Won’t you support Bob’s efforts to return strong leadership and common sense back to the governor’s office? He can’t do it without you. A donation today could make the difference between winning and losing. While at Liberty Common High School in Ft. Collins, Bob explained how John Hickenlooper had failed our public schools, “Spending more doesn’t equal more learning.” Bob believes in empowering teachers and parents to succeed with little interference from the state or federal government. “If given the opportunity, I will repeal all of Hickenlooper’s anti-Second Amendment laws,” Beauprez told a small crowd at Ft. Collin’s USA Liberty Arms. He went on to discuss his priorities of protecting Constitutional freedoms and empowering individuals when he becomes governor of the great state of Colorado. Freedom was the clear message behind the second day of the “Stronger Colorado Tour.” Bob spoke about its value at every stop. While speaking in the evening to the Teller Tea Party Patriots, Bob told the group, “They believe people are the problem… I know people are the solution.” Faced with oppressive gun laws created by John Hickenlooper, Bob says, “It’s a top priority to restore the rights of law abiding Colorado citizens. What Hickenlooper did was shameful. I will protect your Second Amendment Rights!” Won’t you join Bob’s effort to restore the rights of law abiding gun owners in Colorado? Bob will stand-up for the Second Amendment and ensure your Constitutional Rights. Together, we will fight to prevent anti-gun laws from being passed by the state legislature. Please donate today. On the second day of Bob Beauprez’s “Stronger Colorado Tour” he was met with more enthusiasm and support from mining and tourism industries. Both telling Bob that they’ve been strangled by overreaching state and federal agencies. During his stop at Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine Bob heard concerns that new restrictive environmental policies could mean fewer jobs in the future. Sadly, this should come to little surprise to Coloradans. The Hickenlooper-Obama administrations have had a history of burdening successful companies right out of business. Bob expressed that he believes no one understands how to run their businesses better than their owners. While visiting the Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine, Bob told managers, “Mining has been a part of Colorado’s history from the beginning. It’s been fundamental to our economy offering jobs and boosting local communities. But that’s changed thanks to the Hickenlooper-Obama ‘wrecking ball of red tape.’ I know we can do better…”

Bob stopped along the way for lunch at Smokin’ Q’s BBQ in Divide, Colorado and discussed small businesses along Main Street in Woodland Park.

The “Stronger Colorado Tour” continues… Won’t you jump onboard to make Colorado a better place to live and donate today.




Integrity in Leadership

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