Congressman Doug Lamborn

Congressman Lamborn Advocates within the House Armed Services Subcommittee Markups


As part of the annual mark-up and appropriations process for the subcommittees of the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Doug Lamborn has been a leader in advocating for the following items:

Readiness Subcommittee

  • Full funding of Colorado Springs Military Construction Projects
  • Fort Carson: Aircraft Maintenance Hanger ($60 million) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hanger ($29 million) and Army Reserve Training Building Addition ($5 million)
  • Peterson AFB: Replacement Dental Clinic ($15.2 million)

Strategic Forces Subcommittee

  • A provision requiring a report on the missile defense systems of other nations
  • A provision requiring an intelligence report on Chinese assistance to Iran in evading sanctions.
  • Language supporting implementation of the DOD’s plan for cruise missile defense of the United States
  • Language promoting increased use of directed energy by the Missile Defense Agency
  • Language regarding the replenishment of the GPS satellite constellation
  • Language regarding the use of commercial satellite communications systems
  • Language requiring a report on China’s command and control of their nuclear ballistic missile submarines

Intelligence and Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee

  • A provision requiring better DOD oversight of the acquisition of major automated information systems. This will likely lead directly to significant taxpayer savings

Military Personnel

  • Provision requiring an acquisition strategy to help the DOD improve their healthcare staff while providing savings to the taxpayer

Additionally, Congressman Lamborn continues to work on further provisions and additional amendments that will be released next week and/or added via amendment during the Wednesday, May 7th all-day House Armed Services Committee mark-up session.

“The annual mark-up and appropriations process is where I have the opportunity to showcase my priorities in the House Armed Services Committee. I am extremely pleased that Military Construction will be fully funded in Colorado Springs. Tens of millions of dollars will be spent in the local economy that will assist the job market and the areas surrounding Fort Carson and Peterson. By identifying cost savings to the taxpayer and focusing on our Missile Defense network, I reaffirm my commitments that I have always shown in Congress. I will remain dedicated to fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense.” – Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05)



Integrity in Leadership

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