Beauprez for Colorado

FAYNE, We can win back the Governor’s Office, but the deadline is quickly approaching. We must act now to bring strong leadership and common sense back to Colorado.  We can and must win but we need your help today. It is absolutely critical that we hit our fundraising goals by midnight TOMORROW. We’re well on our way to breaking our fundraising goals but we need your help. Won’t you support our winning team today and return strong leadership to Colorado? I know we’ve asked a lot from you in recent weeks but the stakes are high.  Our campaign is moving quickly and the momentum is on our side. We are battling for the future of our state and we can’t leave anything to chance.

Can I count on you to donate to our campaign to return leadership, opportunity, empowerment and freedom to Colorado citizens? Colorado has missed opportunity after opportunity under the wishy washy control of John Hickenlooper. On his watch, our state has lost jobs, economic growth and individual freedoms. We deserve better and with your help… I can be the strong leader Colorado needs. Those on the left and in the media are critically watching our fundraising numbers to judge how serious Republicans are about showing Hickenlooper the door in November. These fundraising numbers are crucial to sending a powerful message. Can we count on you to send a message of vision and empowerment with your donation right now? Coloradans are sick and tired of having their freedoms eroded and of being a pot punchline. We want clear decisive leadership that will bring jobs back to Colorado and elevate education for our children. We want common sense leadership that won’t limit the Second Amendment or our ability to make our own health care choices. We deserve a governor who isn’t frightened to follow our laws and execute a convicted murderer. WE deserve better! You can make a difference with your donation and together we can build the Colorado we desire and deserve. Please donate now. Thank you for your continued support.




Integrity in Leadership

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