Colorado GOP Headlines for the week of 04-21-14

Republicans hit Hick, talk issues in 9NEWS debate Brandon Rittiman | 9News Denver | April 24, 2014 Republican candidates vying for the nomination against Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colorado) showed up ready to cut the governor down a peg in a debate in the 9NEWS studios.  The debate was attended by former State Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, and former Congressman Bob Beauprez.   Udall Rallies Troops In Multi-Million Dollar Battle To Stay In Senate Shaun Boyd | CBS 4 Denver | April 25, 2014 Incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Udall is fighting to save his senate seat and help keep the Democrats in control on Capitol Hill.  Republican Representative Cory Gardner is running against Udall in what is expected to be one of the biggest, one of the most expensive and most watched senate races in the country.   VA, Coffman clash in Denver hearing over troubled hospital project Electa Draper | The Denver Post  | April 22, 2014 The VA is under fire for construction delays, cost overruns and litigation related to the Aurora site. The project is more than $470 million over budget, costing more than $1 billion, said U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Aurora.   PPP poll: Gov. Hickenlooper leads GOP rivals; Udall, Gardner tied in Senate bid Lynn Bartels  | The Denver Post | April 23, 2014 Public Policy Polling also found the U.S. Senate race between Democrat Mark Udall and Republican Cory Gardner to be in a virtual tie with Udall at 47 percent, Gardner at 45 percent and only 8 percent not sure. They are tied among unaffiliated voters, 43 percent to 43 percent.  A U.S. Chamber of Commerce poll, conducted by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates last Wednesday and Thursday, also shows Senate race is a dead heat. Politico reported that the survey found Cory Gardner up by 2 points over Udall among likely voters, 44 percent to 42 percent. Libertarian Party candidate Gaylon Kent pulled 7 percent.   Poll: Sen. Udall Doesn’t Deserve Reelection Valerie Richardson | The Colorado Observer | April 24, 2014 Most Colorado voters still don’t think Democratic Sen. Mark Udall deserves to be reelected as he struggles to beat back a challenge from Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll.   Keystone delay Editorial | The Pueblo Chieftain | April 24, 2014 Political commentators suggest Mr. Obama is concerned that approval of the Keystone plan will threaten Democratic support from environmental interests. On the other hand, rejection of the plan would hurt Democrat congressional candidates facing election in November, the pundits claim.  So instead of doing what’s best for the country — kick-starting a project that would generate upwards of 42,000 jobs and billions of dollars of construction activity — President Obama and his administration are playing politics.   Rothenberg: Udall will lose Colorado Senate seat to Gardner Greg Campbell  | The Daily Caller | April 21, 2014 Colorado Sen. Mark Udall will lose his tough re-election campaign to Republican Rep. Cory Gardner in November, according to Roll Call’s Stu Rothenberg, who made the prediction on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday.   Tom Steyer: I’m not the Koch brothers Andrew Restuccia | Politico | April 22, 2014 Asked whether he’d support a candidate like Sen. Mark Udall, who is facing a tough re-election fight in Colorado against Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, even though the Democrat hasn’t taken a clear stance on Keystone, Steyer said, “We’re going to take a holistic view and try and make sure that the people we support are going to be doing the right thing down the road.”   Gardner’s early numbers show the path to Republican victory Editorial | Colorado Springs Gazette | April 25, 2014 For Republicans, this can no longer be about ideological one-upsmanship and personal political gain. If Republicans genuinely believe in the need for a changing of the guard this fall, they must unite as a party. They must make winning more important than philosophical rigidity and internal party strife. That’s how Democrats have won.   Bad News for Colorado’s Udall Allysia Finley | Wall Street Journal | April 24, 2014 Democrats are taking cold comfort in a New York Times/Kaiser Family Foundation poll this week that finds Senate Democrats leading Republican challengers in pivotal southern states with double-digit spreads in Arkansas and Louisiana. Meantime, a couple of new polls suggest that Colorado Democrat Mark Udall could be in serious trouble.   Senate Ratings Show GOP Still Holds An Edge Chuck Todd & Mark Murray | NB C News | April 25, 2014 The bad news for Democrats is that Republicans have expanded the map — they have multiple paths to winning back the Senate in November (or December, if there’s a runoff in Louisiana). Case in point is the new Quinnipiac poll showing a neck-and-neck race in Colorado between Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) and Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO). The fact is that even as Democrats improve their situation in the red states, Republicans continue to make more progress in the blue states (see Michigan, Iowa and even Oregon), leaving the national environment still tilted toward the GOP.   Colorado Senate race between Mark Udall and Cory Gardner has politicos all atwitter Lynn Bartels | The Denver Post | April 25, 2014 The ranking switch was done by The Cook Political Report, an influential and independent political analysis organization. Among those polls: Quinnipiac University shows Sen. Udall and Congressman Gardner in a virtual tie. The Cook change has been happily noted by national and local conservative blogs.   Mark Udall’s Very Bad Week: Colorado Senate Moved to Toss Up Aaron Gardner | RedState | April 25, 2014 This week has had a lot of bad news for the campaign of incumbent Colorado Senator, Democrat, strong Obamacare proponent, environmental enthusiast, Mark Udall.  Whether it was news about his PAC giving his campaign money, a CNN analyst predicting his loss, new polling showing the race essentially tied and multiple vulnerabilities for Udall, or the change in the race ranking to toss-up, none of it was good news for the embattled Outward Bound Senator.




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