Bob Beauprez



Friends:We added another valuable player to our winning team today.  Steve House, who is a longtime friend, expert in health care reform and a former candidate for governor has endorsed our campaign.

I am extremely fortunate to have Steve’s support and counsel. He has a wealth of knowledge that I plan to tap into immediately. His experience as a successful business leader and job creator will be invaluable.

Our effort to beat John Hickenlooper in November is gaining momentum daily and today’s     announcement is more proof that I will be the next governor of Colorado.

As we move forward towards November, Steve will serve as a key policy advisor on important issues acting Colorado including job creation, improving the state’s economy and the current burden of health care costs and Obamacare mandates.

Together, I am positive that we can bring back both strong leadership to Colorado and common sense to the Governor’s Office. Supporters like you have gotten us this far, and in this primary race, your contributions are more critical than ever. Won’t you contribute to our campaign for governor?
I am so grateful for your continued loyalty and support.

Warmly Yours,


Bob Beauprez

Your Candidate for Governor



Integrity in Leadership


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