Common Core Flaws

Once again, the President is exceeding the limits of his authority and is using his “pen and his phone” to bypass Congress and implement the Common Core education system. This deeply flawed system moves parents further and further away from the education of their children and stands poised to lower the educational standards of the next generation of American leaders, job creators, and innovators. – Congressman Doug Lamborn

Common Core Flaws

  • Unfunded mandate to the tune of $16 billion dollars (this low-end estimate would have to be paid by taxpayers in each state throughout the country).
  • This is the first time that the federal government has attempted to standardized classroom content all over the country.
  • Allows the Executive Branch to bribe the states into compliance with dangerously ineffective teaching policies.
  • Will cause great harm to our math outcomes which already lag behind many other nations. For example, students are encouraged to estimate totals of large number sets, rather than doing the necessary work to solve the problem. How is this sort of “education” supposed to keep America the preeminent nation in the world?
  • We’ve all seen the failure of centralized, government controlled health care, we must not allow the Federal government to gain control over the education of our children.

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Our vision…


I envision an America built on four vital principles.A strong America means that we fully fund our military to face the threats of a dangerous world. It means making sure that America is  respected and taken seriously by other nations. It means having a foreign policy where we support our friends over our enemies, and not the other way around. I believe, like Ronald Reagan, that we achieve peace through strength.A prosperous America means utilizing American energy to create American jobs and lower energy bills for consumers. A prosperous America means having fewer regulations blocking the creativity of our entrepreneurs and job creators. A prosperous America cannot be one that includes the disaster that is Obamacare. Until it is replaced with conservative, free-market solutions, it will continue to cripple job growth, stifle economic progress, and be an enemy of individual prosperity.

A secure America means reforming the two-thirds of our budget that goes to entitlement spending. In a perfect world, churches and non-profits would carry the burden of caring for the less fortunate members of society. But, until that day comes, government programs must work and must be purged of their waste, fraud, and abuse.

A free America is a country that protects Constitutional rights, especially the Second Amendment and freedom of religion for civilians and members of the armed forces. A free America simplifies our tax code to reduce and eliminate the role of the IRS. A free America does not have an Imperial President who ignores the co-equal branches of government.

I will continue to fight for conservative, constitutional, and traditional values. I will work hard for the people of the Fifth Congressional District, for our men and women in uniform, and for a bright and prosperous future for America.

Yours truly,

Congressman Doug Lamborn




Integrity in Leadership

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