Projects for the District

Have you listened to the recording on the District’s website? Have you had any problems? Let me know. I have and the only issue is the volume and not being able to hear individuals that speak from the audience.  The fact that the district is now posting the recording is great, and much easier for me.  Post them was a pain.  This should make it easy for the citizens to understand what is going on at the meetings if you are not able to attend.  Its good morning listening…………………………………….

I just finished listening to the Apr Special Meeting and there was discussions concerning some unfunded “projects”.  My question to my diners, do you think the following projects are important to your children’s education or to the District?  The total cost of these eleven projects is an estimated $700,000 (un-budgeted):

1. High School Baseball field re-sod & sprinkler system

2. Construct Elementary School Baseball field

3. Expand the current track by two additional lanes

4. Install Stadium Lights at the Football field

5. Construct a Memory walkway between the High and Elementary Schools

6. Landscape area at High School

7. Landscape area at Elementary School

8. Landscape area between High and Elementary Schools (behind District building ???)

9. New Roof for Bus Barn

10. Repair or Drill new Water Well

11. Connect all Wells and Watering Systems Together


The Board it is not planning on completing all or any currently. Question[ has any of the Board Members asked you if these things are important to you or your children’s education?  Maybe if any are important or not so, let the board members know.   It is also very important now that the recordings are posted you take the time to listen to them.  You can fast forward, go back and listen at your available time



Integrity in Leadership

  1. #1 by Yes these things are very important on May 2, 2014 - 7:31 am

    Yes, these things are very important. In fact, they all should have been done long before now. Why don’t you ask why the field trips were canceled when parents raised money for them. Where did the money go? Why are some special kids getting field trips but others are not. Way to make a bunch of third graders feel stupid, single out just a few kids.

  2. #2 by Fayne on May 2, 2014 - 9:37 am

    Response to Yesimportant
    Thanks for the comment. For me to question I need a few answers:
    What field trip was canxed? What special Kids are getting field trips? Who raised the money and how was it raised?
    Concerning the projects, can you provide why you feel ALL are needed. I have emails that address most (+ -) and will address soon.


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