Congressman Lamborn Leads the Fight For More Religious Freedom in the Air Force


This week, Congressman Doug Lamborn authored a letter calling on Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James to update the Air Force’s regulations regarding religious freedom in the Air Force. Unfortunately, the August 2012 Air Force regulations that govern religious freedom and expressions are the most restrictive of any branch of the military and are inconsistent with current law and the Constitution. This Air Force regulation establishes limits on free speech and religion for those in leadership positions. The right to free speech and religion is a self-protecting right. It is not grounds for a bystander to silence a leader’s speech simply because the bystander objects to certain opinions.

These restrictive regulations are a driving force behind many of the Air Force’s recent violations of religious freedom, such as the recent white board incident at the Air Force Academy.

Congressman Lamborn, along with twenty-two other Members of Congress, is asking the Secretary to, “immediately revise AFI 1-1 and provide clear guidance on implementation to ensure that the Air Force adequately protects the religious freedom of all Airmen.”




Integrity in Leadership

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