While Coloradans are paying their taxes today, Governor “Tax-Em-Looper” and state Democrats are working overtime to find new ways to spend your hard earned money on unpopular and ineffective policies. If Hickenlooper had his way, Colorado would have a new progressive income tax structure that would take an additional $1 billion out of taxpayers’ pockets. Luckily, Colorado voters rejected Hickenlooper’s tax hike scheme. THE “TAX-EM-LOOPER” RECORD:

  • Hickenlooper “Has Been Working Hard As The Behind-The-Scenes Fundraiser For The Tax Increase. With Teachers Union Help, He’s Pulled In $10 Million For The Effort.” (“Is Colorado Election A Referendum On Gov. John Hickenlooper?” The Denver Post Op-ed, 11/1/13)
  • Hickenlooper’s $1 Billion Tax Increase Went Down In Flames At The Hands Of The Voters. “Voters emphatically rejected a $950 million tax increase and the school funding revamp that came with it, handing Amendment 66 a resounding defeat Tuesday night.” (“Voters Reject Big Tax Hike, School Finance Amendment 66,” The Denver Post, 11/5/13)
  • However, Selling It To Billionaires Gates And Bloomberg, Who Will Never Pay A Colorado Tax, Is A Lot Easier Than Selling It To Coloradans Who Will Have To Pay It.” (“Is Colorado Election A Referendum On Gov. John Hickenlooper?” The Denver Post Op-ed, 11/1/13)

Bob Beauprez wants you to keep more of the money you’ve worked hard to earn. In Congress, Bob earned a 100% rating from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the NFIB, the voice of America’s small businesses. He was named a “Small Business Champion” by the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council. He has consistently spoken out against higher taxes and government regulation. There is a reason. Bob understands that the less government takes from you, the more you as an individual are empowered. The less burdens government puts on the American people, the stronger our economy can be and the more people can get jobs. Done with “Tax-Em-Looper” and higher taxes? Get involved and volunteer for Bob now. Thank you, Dustin — Dustin Olson Campaign Manager Beauprez for Colorado www.bobbeauprez.com



Integrity in Leadership

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