Mike Koop,

I know you are hearing from a lot of candidates right now. Everyone wants to say they are a leader because that is the kind of person we desperately need. But you know, history demonstrates that the hallmark of a leader is how well they effect change by lifting up others, not themselves. And this is where Mike Kopp’s record speaks for itself. Here are some of the key areas where he has led:

  • As Minority Leader in the State Senate
  • Fighting Obamacare exchanges
  • First effort in 50 years to overhaul the government
  • Strengthened the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights (TABOR)
  • Passed a law to cut taxes by $10 million
  • Affordable college for all veterans
  • To help the state and local communities be prepared for wildfires
  • To enforce the laws against illegal immigrant felons

No one else in this race has this record of accomplishment and leadership on all Conservative issues. The fight for our country is more important than ever and only a strong leader can help bring freedom and opportunity to Colorado. This Saturday at the State Assembly, we all have a chance to stand up and vote. Your vote becomes part of your private record of accomplishment and it is your own chance to lead. Does Mike have your vote? Please let me know. Colorado needs a governor who can lead a resurgence of liberty and opportunity for we the people of this great state. Mike Kopp will be that kind of governor. Janet Rowland Former Mesa County Commissioner




Integrity in Leadership


Colorado For KoppPO Box 8447

Denver, CO 80201


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