Greg Brophy

Why I’m Different

FAYNEI hope I get a chance to speak with you before the assembly.  There are a few things that set me apart from the other people who are running for governor.

1. I’m endorsed by District Attorney George Brauchler and seven Colorado County Sheriffs because they know I will do what it takes to keep your family safe.

2. I’m the only gubernatorial candidate from outside the Denver-Metro area.  I really like and understand ALL of Colorado.

3. I’m the only one endorsed by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners – not only do I defend, I advance our Second Amendment rights.

4. I’m the only candidate who combines real business experience with legislative experience.  I will not need on the job training to be an effective, conservative governor.

5. I have a plan to boot common core from Colorado and replace it with common sense reform featuring local control.

6. A recent PPP poll showed that I am the only candidate who can beat Governor Hickenlooper in November.

7. I’m not a lawyer or a lobbyist, I am a farmer and I understand the importance of water and property rights.

8. I have never wavered on Life.  I am the only gubernatorial candidate who has introduced a Pro-Life bill.

Thank you for your time and interest in saving Colorado from the leftists.  Check out the links below as well as my website and Facebook page to learn even more about me.  My cell number is listed below if you have any questions.  I hope to earn your vote at the State Assembly.

Greg Brophy

Cell: 970-332-5766

Complete List of Endorsements

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Brophy was the clear debate winner and it wasn’t even close

Gessler candidacy a “train wreck” for the GOP

Colorado needs to send Hickenlooper a “Dear John” letter

Brophy can beat Hickenlooper


KDVR debate

Life on the land shaped Greg Brophy into the man he is today






Integrity in Leadership

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