Congressman Doug Lamborn’s Signature Achievements

A Message from Congressman Doug Lamborn…

Congressman Doug Lamborn’s Signature Achievements



Military Achievements

  • Serves on the House Armed Services Committee (including the Strategic Force and Readiness Subcommittees)
  • Congressman Lamborn has always supported the funding needs of our active duty men and women
  • Congressman Lamborn’s efforts were critical to bringing a new Combat Aviation Brigade to Fort Carson
  • Congressman Lamborn has worked to make sure that our region is a critical hub in our nation’s missile defense network

Veterans Achievements

  • Serves as the second ranking Republican on the House Veterans Affairs Committee (including the Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittees)
  • Congressman Lamborn’s first bill ever introduced in Congress, on his second day in office was to create a Southern Colorado Veterans Cemetery. That vision is now a reality and burials are slated to begin late next year at a beautiful location to the south and east of the Colorado Springs Airport
  • Congressman Lamborn has worked hard to bring a new Veterans Clinic to our region. It slated to open in September 2014 just to the west of I-25 on Fillmore
  • Congressman Lamborn has supported legislation and remains focused in his VA Committee work on reducing VA claims backlogs and improving service to the veterans who have served our country

Energy Achievements

  • Serves on the House Natural Resources Committee (including as Chairman of the Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee and on the Public Lands and Environmental Regulations Subcommittee)
  • Congressman Lamborn’s Subcommittee Chairmanship gives him direct oversight of energy production on the billions of acres of public land that make up the Federal Estate
  • Congressman Lamborn passed H.R. 1965, comprehensive, bipartisan legislation out of the House to remove burdensome regulations, create good jobs in American energy, and lower the cost of energy for consumers. It is currently awaiting action in the Democrat-controlled Senate
  • Congressman Lamborn supported the recent JOBS Act package proposed by the Republican Study Committee. This comprehensive legislation would create an environment to kick-start American job creation. Much of the energy policy in the JOBS Act is made up of Congressman Lamborn’s very own energy legislation.





Integrity in Leadership

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